Tokyo, Japan,  — leader of X Japan and internationally acclaimed musician / producer, Yoshiki, unveiled the launch of “SL150 YOSHIKI special edition” – an impressive headphone produced entirely by Yoshiki, in collaboration with the U.S. headphone brand SOUL.

The event took place in Shinjuku and Akihabara in Tokyo, giving fans and media an opportunity to hear Yoshiki talk about the development process. In addition, a first look at the campaign photos – shot by world-renowned photographer Leslie Kee – were on display.


“SL150 YOSHIKI special edition” headphones were developed under an intricate process of Yoshiki’s world of sound, based on SOUL’s SL150 model. Yoshiki, composer of the Golden Globe Theme Song, and well-versed within the Classical music world admitted to purchasing an entire collection of headphones at a Los Angeles electronic store to test each of them out in his Los Angeles studio. This dedication revealed Yoshiki’s passion to create his very own and extraordinary SL150 model headphone. Additionally, Yoshiki is currently in discussions for a likely worldwide Classical Tour in 2014.
Those lucky enough to attend the event were treated to limited edition Christmas cards and posters from Yoshiki, and for those who purchased the headphones, each were given a red rose by Yoshiki.

“I can’t wait for everyone to experience my headphones,” said Yoshiki. “I have collaborated on many projects in the past, and I’m finally able to produce and have a music-related product come to life. I think this is the best model of headphones for anyone like myself who listens to various genres from Rock to Classical,” added Yoshiki.

A special message from Yoshiki to his fans was released earlier and immediately went viral following its release. Watch the video on his official Facebook page:


SOUL has collaborated with world-class athletes and artists around the globe and the “SL150 YOSHIKI Special Edition,” made possible by an international collaboration, is only available for purchase in the U.S. online at;



Headphone Specifications

  • Advanced driver and circuitry design for superb bass, clear mids and highs, creates high-precision audio balance
  • iPhone® ready: Compatible with iPhone 4 and 3 GS, iPad® and iPod®
  • Compatible with most smartphones and multimedia devices with 1/8” (3.5mm) or 1/4” headphone input jack
  • Includes straight audio cable with in-line remote control and standard straight audio cable
  • Full ear cup articulation ensures the best and most comfortable fit every time
  • Sleek folding design for easy storage
  • Tangle-resistant cable for easy cable management
  • Gold-plated connector for seamless signal transfer
  • Design by award winning team commands quality and innovative style features such as advanced breathable headband pad and ear cups
  • Protective road case for convenience and storage