"In these past two years, we kept running without any obstacles to stop us.
We supported each other and overcame countless occasions of hardship…

For the full translation of the member comments, please visit the Versailles Fans community at Livejournal for this and other translations. Our thanks to Lisa and Neme for permitting the link.

As many of you are aware, Jasmine You, the bassist of Versailles, passed away on August 9, 2009. JrockRevolution.com wants to express our deep sadness and condolences over the loss of Jasmine, who touched the hearts of the international fan community as the bassist of Versailles, an incredible band that has moved and inspired people all over the world with their music. Our hearts reach out to Jasmine’s family, to all of Versailles, and their staff during this terrible time.

If you have not yet seen the official update on Versailles’ official website regarding Jasmine’s sudden passing, please view the translation at Tainted Reality here.

If you would like to express your thoughts and feelings, you can visit this thread on our forum, where fans have come together to honor Jasmine’s memory and give their support to Versailles.

We will update here as soon as we have news about the specifics of memorial events to honor and remember Jasmine You.

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