LOS ANGELES, Oct. 19, 2007 ― Fans of X JAPAN – one of Japan’s most popular and influential bands – are expected to turn out in force opening weekend at "SAW IV," which represents their first opportunity to hear new material from the outfit credited with creating the flamboyant rock sub-genre visual kei (visual style). The song, titled "I.V.," was written especially for the end titles of "Saw IV" and will be unveiled in the film nationwide Oct. 26.

"Having exclusive new material from X JAPAN – especially a song written specifically for the film – close out ‘Saw IV’ is truly a landmark for us," says "Saw IV" producer Oren Koules. "The band’s dark sensibility makes X JAPAN a perfect creative complement to the ‘SAW’ series."

Led by visionary co-founder YOSHIKI (piano, drums, producer), X JAPAN sold more than 20 million combined albums and singles before disbanding in 1997. The group was born as a punk-metal outfit in 1982 but experimented with a more progressive sound during the course of their four original albums, perhaps becoming best known for their expansive ballads.

"I.V." is introduced by a few tense piano notes that quickly spawn a double-kick-drum-fueled rampage. Appropriately sinister verses give way to a gorgeous, dramatic chorus bearing the lyrics, “I’m calling you, dear/ Can’t you see me standing right here/ Life is bleeding from fear/ I’ll give it straight from my vein.” The magnum opus is sure to provide emotional catharsis for the millions who’ve been white-knuckling it in the dark for 95 minutes as Detective Hoffman sifts through Jigsaw’s latest grisly game.

Taking its cues from the classic horror series "Halloween" and "Nightmare on Elm Street," the "SAW" films have become a cultural touchstone, as well as the most profitable horror franchise – both theatrically and on DVD – in movie history. To date, the three "SAW" titles have taken in more than $400 million in worldwide theatrical box office; their combined net DVD sales exceed 13 million units.

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