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The official news is here:

X JAPAN’s website here.

YOSHIKI’s website here.

HIDE’s website here.

Is X JAPAN releasing a new song?
Yes. For the first time since 1997, they will be releasing a new song worldwide.

What is it called?
"I.V." (with two periods)

How do you pronounce it?
"Aye-vee", like the medical drip, or the plant, ivy. It’s the roman numeral for "four" as well.

How will it be released?
The full version of "I.V." will be the end title of the movie SAW IV.

Will it be on the US SAW IV soundtrack?
No, it won’t be.

When and how will it be released?
"I.V." definitely will be released as an X JAPAN title, but the date of the release is as yet undecided. Please check back for more updates.

Who are the members of X JAPAN playing in it?
TOSHI (vocals), YOSHIKI (drums and keyboard), PATA (guitar), and HEATH (bass), with previously unreleased music samples from HIDE.

Why are you writing them as "HIDE" and "YOSHIKI"? Aren’t they usually written "Yoshiki" and "hide"?
Our spellings reflect X JAPAN‘s current official spelling of the band members, and all the members’ names are spelled all in caps now. Please be aware that "hide" is still spelled in lowercase at, reflecting that the capital letters might just be exclusive for X JAPAN.

What language are the lyrics in?

Where can we get the lyrics?
The following lyrics have been officially released: “I’m calling you, dear/ Can’t you see me standing right here/ Life is bleeding from fear/ I’ll give it straight from my vein.” The full lyrics have yet to be released.

Will there be a Japanese or orchestral version?
We have no information regarding this at this time.

Who wrote and composed "I.V."?

What about the promotional video?
X JAPAN shot the promotional video at Tokyo Odaiba Aqua City on October 22nd, 2007, at an event that was directly broadcasted to a public audience next to the shooting location of the Aqua City roof. A full report is coming soon on our site.

It was shot on a rooftop? Tell me more!
Here are some official statistics from the PV shoot:
Location shooting staff: 350 people
Cameras used for filming: 10
Stage size: 15 x 15 m
Amount of water used: 6 tons
PV editing to take place in: Los Angeles
"I.V." release date: To be determined
X JAPAN live concert: In Tokyo next spring
Public Attendance: 10,000

Will X JAPAN perform again?
The band announced at the PV shooting their intentions to perform in concert Tokyo sometime during the spring of 2008. When we have more information, we will update with it.

Will JRR have any special content?
JRR has a special preview of "I.V." up on our front page. We are currently running a special called Forever X JAPAN, featuring articles, news updates, and trivia. Please check back here frequently, as we will have any exclusives related to this release here FIRST.

When can I see SAW IV and hear "I.V."?
SAW IV premieres October 26, 2007 in the United States, and many other countries around the world. In Japan, the movie will premiere November 17. Please check your local theaters for showtimes. The following is NOT an exhaustive list of premieres:
October 25 & 26: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Estonia, Finland, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, the U.K., the U.S.
November: France, Japan, Norway, Russia, Singapore
December: Iceland, Belgium
January: Egypt, the Netherlands

Updates from Arena 37c that was pressed on December 10th, 2007, as stated by YOSHIKI:

– music of by HIDE is in two places only, not throughout the song.

YOSHIKI was approached on August 22nd or 23rd by the SAW IV production team to provide a sample of a possible ending song, likely to be chosen for the Japanese distribution and maybe worldwide, with a deadline to proivde it of August 31st, giving him only one week to write, compose and record the song.

– as a result, he wrote parts of the lyrics still while they were already recording.

– also as a result, a planned 3 days business trip turned into a stay exceeding 2 months.

– the song isn’t on the US sound track as by personal request from YOSHIKI.

– There currently is not any news available if "I.V" will be on the Japanese soundtrack because if it gets released, YOSHIKI wants to release it as X JAPAN work.

– the song used as ending theme for SAW IV is a short version of YOSHIKI‘s original work, that was too long to fit the movie.

"I.V." was originally the acronym for "intravenous drip", there was no other meaning, though he thought the image fit the movie. Only as an afterthought came the additions that, naturally, it could also be interpreted as the IV ("four") in SAW IV or even stand for X JAPAN with only four members now.

– Theme of the song is pain, but also how to overcome it.

We will not, and cannot, comment or report on ANY information that is not publically published via official channels.

We will not pass along any messages to YOSHIKI or X JAPAN.


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