Hopefully this will answer any questions you have about the website!

What is www.jrockrevolution.com?
www.JrockRevolution.com began as the website for the Jrock Revolution Festival that happened at the end of May in 2007. However, it is now a destination site for everything Jrock related!

Who is behind this all?

A close-knit, dedicated staff who work tirelessly to keep the website running in the best shape it can, made up of web developers, site coordinators, interns, content providers and editors, and of course, upper management.

Do you work for YOSHIKI?
Indirectly, yes. Although the Jrock Revolution Festival was run by YOSHIKI, there is an independent team working to make the site amazing. Everything on the site is monitored by YOSHIKI, and all X JAPAN and YOSHIKI-related news is officially approved by his management.

Are you hiring?

Please see our Help Wanted section.

Who is the guy with the deer head?

He is one of the staff members that works in this building in a different division.

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