Q: I want to see the first authorized look at X JAPAN’s "I.V." PV in crystal clear quality. How much longer until it’s up?

A: Come back Friday.

Q: What about today? What’s going on then?

A: Listen to the Thursday night broadcast of the J-Rock Choice Awards starting at 5 P.M. PST / 8 P.M. EST to find out who won the hearts of overseas fans in 2007, brought to you by Tainted Reality, purple SKY Magazine, and of course, Jrock Revolution.

Q: I heard there’s going to be a big announcement on this show. What’s up?

A: Want to find out who’s headlining A-Kon this year? Tainted Reality‘s bringing this amazing band, and you’ll learn who it is first on the JCA Awards broadcast Thursday.

Q: After I come back for the "I.V." PV preview, what’s next?

A: X JAPAN’s press conference. It’s Sunday in Japan, meaning as early as Saturday in America, we’ll have the news for you straight from our correspondents in attendance. Don’t forget to check out our new front page poll, by the way… it’s definitely important.

Q: Can I still write in to show my support for Tora and alice nine.?

A: Yes. We’re still accepting messages. Thanks for an amazing response so far!

Q: The year’s barely started and already artists are making sure to reach out to us overseas fans. I’m energized. I want to do more! What can I do?

A: Check back here as we’ll soon be posting our brand new Help Wanted for Jrock Revolution’s diverse volunteer positions. Want to promote the music you love? JRR wants YOU. Come back, refresh often, and tell your friends—there’s room for everyone with the drive to spread the revolution.