X JAPAN fans and Jrock fans worldwide: We told you to wait until X JAPAN‘s press conference on the 20th to find out just what this legendary band has in store for their return to the stage.

But we won’t make you wait any longer for exclusive X JAPAN news from Jrock Revolution.

Jrock Revolution brought you the debut clear preview of the first work from X JAPAN in a decade: "I.V." (now available here).

We brought you our report directly from the rooftop shooting of the "I.V." promotional video, an exclusive for overseas media. And now…

Jrock Revolution presents:


The world premiere preview of the "I.V." PV.

BE THERE for the preview premiere of X JAPAN‘s first work together since they ended an era over ten years ago.

It’s X JAPAN cast against the waters of Tokyo Bay. YOSHIKI and TOSHI. PATA and HEATH. Beautiful instruments. HIDE‘s presence. X JAPAN reigns again.

THEY ARE X. And they’re coming…. authorized ONLY to Jrock Revolution. We’ll update soon with the date and time when the preview video will premiere.

Spread the word and keep checking the site… the first official look at "I.V." will debut here at www.jrockrevolution.com for all to see.