Celebrating the beginning of our second year with the special Revolution Year Two.


Happy Anniversary, JRR community!

One year ago we were emerging from the Wiltern, with the doors closing on the first multi-artist Jrock festival in America. Those doors opened up to an unknown path. What would become of 2,200 fans who packed the venue for two days of hot Jrock talent, and their friends and network around the world who were with us in spirit?

The momentum from that festival and the staying–and growing–power of our community from that point on showed us that the Revolution was on the march.

This week, we’ll celebrate the beginning of our second year with a check-in on where our first festival artists find themselves now, and an examination of the state of the movement in our special Revolution Year Two. Check back to the Exclusives section for updates, as well as our staff blog.

Meanwhile, as we step into our second year and second summer together, our Features section turns its eye from one visual rock ambassador to another: From Miyavi and the KAVKI BOIZ in California back to our festival founder YOSHIKI and the return to Tokyo Dome of Japanese rock pioneers X JAPAN. First we’ll see them through the eyes of our resident eXpert Rika in her first person experience,

We Are X

. Then we’ll take you on tour with the forty-three people from around the world who joined us for X JAPAN: THE INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE in our tour report.

Here’s to another amazing year for Jrock fans worldwide!