X JAPAN vocalist TOSHI announces his latest project to give voice to the Earth.

As reported earlier, X JAPAN vocalist TOSHI announced the creation of his new band, "TOSHI with T-EARTH," on June 11th at a live event in Harajuku, Tokyo, where he was joined by the band’s guitarists JUN (of Phantasmagoria) and TOYA (of Charlotte).

TOSHI said he decided to create "TOSHI with T-EARTH" after the hide memorial summit, when he saw younger bands playing and realized that he wants to do rock again—saying that he can’t stand the idea of "losing against those youngsters." He also told the audience that he feels like "shouting out loud again" and wants to do it while he still can.

He said the band will be "eco(logy) hard rock," giving a voice to those who can’t talk for themselves, meaning the environment and the Earth itself.

According to TOSHI, the band is already recording and will go on a "ZEPP TOUR 2008 SUMMER EARTH SPIRIT," during which they will play eight live shows at various locations of the ZEPP live house chain. The tour will conclude on September 3rd and 4th in Tokyo.

Members for band’s bass and drum parts will be announced in the near future.

When asked about X JAPAN at the same press conference, TOSHI referred people to X JAPAN‘s management for official answers, but also added: "Despite the current unfortunate situation [i.e. possible delays in X JAPAN‘s world tour] we will continue to play and if people want us to come, we’ll go there."  TOSHI also mentioned the day before during a radio show that the issue of YOSHIKI‘s alleged health problems had been blown out of proportion and that "fundamentally, there is no reason to worry."

Reported by: Rika

Edited by: Maria