After following up with our Day One Jrock Revolution Festival artists, it’s time to find out what’s been going on with the bands of Day Two!


Having made a break to attend the JRR Festival 1, the boys of GIRUGAMESH continued their faze tour 2007 –volcano-, -final volcano-, and smash tour 2007 –summer battle- upon their return to Japan, followed by an appearance at the InMotion Asia-Pacific event held in Berlin, Germany. In the beginning of this year, they also completed a one-week tour in Europe, taking them through five countries. After releasing “Reason of Crying,” a mini album that won the Best Mini Album of the Jrock Choice Awards, the band released a brand new full album named after the band itself, “GIRUGAMESH” at the end of 2007, both in Japan and Europe. GIRUGAMESH traveled to 38 locations in Japan for their stupid tour ’08 in JAPAN and the band is already itching for more lives. They have announced that they will release their third album this fall, and it’s sure to surpass the last.


Since their first performance in America at the Jrock Revolution Festival 1, MERRY has been very active going around Japan conducting their MANY MERRY DAYS #3 and #4 tours, of which we were proud to have shared the experience of attending the live held at Takasaki Club FLEEZ with you in our MERRY Live Report and Interview posted earlier this year. Meanwhile they participated in the LUNA SEA tribute album covering “PRECIOUS,” released their 3rd major full album “M.E.R.R.Y.” and three brand new singles, “Komorebi ga boku wo sagashiteru…,” “Tozasareta Rakuen,” and the exclusive “Midnight Shangrila,” which was only sold at their tour final at Yokohama Bunka Taiikukan on May 3rd. After completing the #3 and #4 tours, they are currently back to recording and have announced the MERRY SONIC 08 Retrock Festival –BATTLE TRIANGLE-, a three-day live each produced by one or more members to be held in September. Needless to say, there is much more of MERRY coming, as the sleepless sheep march on.

Forthcoming: D’espairsRay, MUCC

Written by Christina

Edited by Maria