Tainted Reality, purple SKY, and Jrock Revolution have joined forces to bring you the 2007 J-Rock Choice Awards. This is an opportunity for YOU to make your voice heard on the music and artists that led the Jrock scene throughout this amazing year!

The J-Rock Choice Awards debuted on an experimental basis last year on Tainted Reality, and proved to be a big success. This year, TR has invited purple SKY Magazine and Jrock Revolution to join them in a Jrock Media Triforce, and all three organizations are co-producing the awards.

Following the format of the launch year, the show will feature awards chosen by our organizations… and awards chosen by YOU, the fans!

Nominations have been determined by a joint effort between all three organizations, considering both our industry perspective and your voices, as our dedicated readers and listeners.

The award nominations, as well as details on how you can place your vote, will be announced on Tainted Reality this Thursday, November 29th.

The 2007 J-Rock Choice Awards Show itself will be broadcasted Thursday, January 17th, on Tainted Reality.


And the award categories are……

Best Song
Best Artist
Best Dressed
Best Promotional Video
Best Full Length DVD Release
Best New Artist
Best Mini-Album
Best B-Side or Album Track
Craziest English Title
Best Album

Tune in to Thursday’s broadcast of Tainted Reality for the announcement of the nominations!