Everyone, please keep in mind that while our poll was to gauge interest in the bands that fans want to see in Rock Band, that’s no guarantee that any of these bands would appear as Downloadable Content (DLC) for current or future Rock Band releases.


When Harmonix approached and asked us which Jrock artists the fans wanted to see in Rock Band we knew the news would rock the community (pardon the pun). With the start of the polling we anticipated a lot of buzz, but we never anticipated the enormous amount of dedication and support you all have shown thus far! Thousands of votes poured in from dedicated fans and curious newcomers alike. We cannot thank you enough for being a part of this huge step towards bringing Jrock closer to you, the fans. That’s what we’re all about after all!

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for, ladies and gentlemen, here is your final Top 10!


1. the GazettE
2. Dir en grey
6. An Café
7. D’espairsRay
8. Nightmare
9. L’Arc~en~Ciel
10. Versailles ~Philharmonic Quintent~

What’s that? You were certain Dir en grey was going to take the top spot? So were we! It was a close race to the number one spot and the GazettE managed to pull ahead with a little room to spare.

In fact, every band’s spot on the Top 10 was decided by close margins. MIYAVI, X JAPAN, and GACKT were within a mere 20 votes of each other. The 6-10 spots were a heated battle the whole way through and final rankings were decided by very narrow gaps! You sure know how to build the suspense!

We would like to apologize again for any problems you may have experienced with this poll. We’d also like to assure you that the technical difficulties did not interfere with the final results, and the list you see here is, in fact, your tried and true winners.

Once again we want to thank you all for making this project so successful. Without the fans would not exist. You are the driving force behind everything we do and the support you’ve shown is nothing short of amazing. Keep those voices, and the music, going strong!

Article by: Jess
Edited by: Ali W.