This competition has been intense, ladies and gentlemen! So intense that even NON-Japanese Rock has been showing up! Their dueling for the top spot has been incredible. Three days into polling, we were tallying most at just one vote. Names like KORN, Limp Bizkit, Michael Jackson and Audioslave. Imagine our surprise when Lady Gaga took the lead with TWO, yes that is right, TWO VOTES! But not to be out done! Marilyn Manson moved in for the smack down with three votes!

Harshness ensued when William Shatner came up out of no where! (And for those of you wondering, yes, the man had a very short lived singing career back in the 70’s.) But, that wasn’t all! There was a surprise visit by NSYNC! Man those boys never die! Why is that?

At the final tally for mid poll results we had a surprising four way tie! With Marilyn Manson, KORN, Lady Gaga and SlipKnot in the lead with three votes each! This battle is gruesome and not going to go to an easy victor!

BUT WAIT! Why are people voting for bands already on the game!? (Lady Gaga not included) Let’s work on focusing on Japanese bands! Yes? Maybe?

Written by: Jen M.

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Link: Mid-Poll Results are IN!