A Night in Washington, DC…
Guest Contribution by: Tre Gallery
Photos by: Tre Gallery

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A sea of moving bodies sway before the stage as Miyavi falls elegantly to the ground hitting cords that echo brightly through the 930 club. At this moment hours of waiting over night in line fades away… And nothing exists but the music… Deliriously sweet music. The crowd roars… His videos do not do his talent justice.

“You guys Fucking dazzle me… What’s my name?” He whispers into the microphone…

“Miyavi!” The crowd screams…

He grins and rips out a slew of cords that blow over like a hurricane. Kicks his legs, twirls, and stops…

“What’s my name?” He screams…


The lights blare like the sun, and more music flows, knocking everyone’s heart back a beat. He is like a wicked thundercloud tearing through a bright blue sky, raining vibrant melodies down that take your breath away. When you look around, everyone is smiling.

As the disco ball spin stars overhead, Miyavi sings us a sweet lullaby. After having spoken about how sad he was to cancel the tour last year, and how much his life has changed since becoming a father… He sings a beautifully lovely ‘thank you’ to all who came out tonight.

Before singing he told the crowd that they were his family too, and that they would always be connected to him despite the distance. The emotion in his voice speaks a truth only a song could articulate. The crowd roars and claps as his voice fades into a crescendo. The keyboard tickles like a child’s wind up music box… He tucks us into his world. Wrapped up sweetly we sigh…

Then the music suddenly bursts out like a morning alarm. Wide awake the crowd screams, so happy to greet the night with hands furiously waving in the air. As the song starts to end the stage goes black, he lifts his arm in a pale red light. All goes silent. Then he ravages the guitar one last time in a flickering strobe. Just when you think it’s over, he says remarkably still energetic, “Let’s get the party started!”

Encore, wearing a towel like a cape he comes back on stage after several minutes of the crowd chanting his name in the darkness… He stretches and does a shocking split like a limber guitar super hero. The crown erupts in surprise!

Introducing the band, Miyavi names the drummer “Ramen Samurai” and the guy on keyboard, “Freakin’ Sexy Guy.” Dropping his hoodie a little, the keyboard player flashes his shoulders to the crowd… Miyavi then tells him to take it off, runs over, strips the guy’s shirt off, and tosses it into the crowd. Fans dive and fight for the shirt as the band starts to jam playfully… Miyavi strikes several elaborate poses then begins his next to last performance of the night. Delighted, the crowd bounces and happily sways to what can only be called: One hell of an awesome send off!

Next heading to Atlanta with three more shows to go at the time. “All amazing” shows by his account, Miyavi promises to “continue to make great music,” he then thanks everyone for their support, and dedicates the last song to “You”. Smiling he says, “I love you, DC!”

After the final cord, to screams he holds his black guitar up in the bright spotlight. He then runs and high fives the crowd around the stage, and waves goodbye to everyone, one last “I love you,” in the microphone, he then bows and graciously walks from the stage.

A fierce night of leaping guitar spins, back bends, ear shattering screams, bluesy interludes, and energy that could light up a major city; Miyavi has left everyone speechless.

He has delivered everything you could possibly ask for and more tonight in DC… A mind blowing performance, well worth having to postpone a year to achieve. Riveted from start to finish… Men, Women, Girls, and Boys all screaming YES to the question “Are you ready to Rock?”

Miyavi’s packed-out performance at the 930 club can be simply summed up in two words: “Life changing!”