Message from Dancing Dad tour sponsor [Per Babel Enetertainment Official Facebook Page]:
“We at Oni Con are very sorry to inform you, due to unforeseen and unavoidable situation, the Whisky A Go Go live performance has been postponed until another 3 man live can be rescheduled. Those that have pre ordered their tickets will be refunded with in 60 days. Also, those that have pre-ordered tickets will be contacted via email from Babel Entertainment to receive a special gift from the bands. Please stay tuned for updates from our sponsors at Oni Con, Ltd on the rescheduled live performance in Los Angeles very soon.
Because of the postponement Babel Entertainment will be presenting Nobuo Uematsu and the EARTHBOUND PAPAS with a special meet and greet that will be held this October in Los Angeles. Please visit for Meet and Greet details in Los Angeles soon. Again, please keep on the look out for the rescheduled date coming soon!
For any questions regarding the Whisky A Go Go event, please contact

Additional message by Babel Entertainment: FYI, Galveston, TX will still host the 3 man live at Official Oni-Con and Nobuo Uematsu’s Earthbound Papas at Onicon Hawaii