An Cafe & Anime Jungle have a exciting news for you! On Friday, April 10th, An Cafe will meet and greet with up to 100 lucky fans at the Cure Shop in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. How do you get in on this great opportunity? Here’s how!

Date: April 10th
Time: Begins at 7pm – fans may begin lining up at 7am, but not earlier. Please keep this in mind as those breaking this rule will not be able to participate in the event.

+ Because of An Cafe’s tight schedule, they will only be able to stay for ONE HOUR
+ To join the autograph session, pick up a numbered ticket from the Jungle Shop on the event day while they last. 50 tickets have been printed already, with 51-100 ready just in case. Please keep in mind that with the one hour window, those with tickets 51-100 are not guaranteed admission
+ Only one ticket per person
+ Autographs will be given on official merchandise ONLY: CDs, DVDs, t-shirts, etc. (You CAN bring An Cafe merchandise you already own)
+ Official merchandise will be available during the entire day of the event, not just during the event
+ Video shooting is prohibited


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