This Valentine’s Day weekend saw some bittersweet news delivered by 雅-miyavi- – his graduation from PSCompany. After ten successful years together, he’s decided it’s time to move on.

From his Official site:

"To all Ko-Miyavis

First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thank you for your continuous support and love.

I have a slightly bitter announcement to make today.

I have decided to "graduate" from PS Company, with whom I have been a part of
for the past 10 years, at the Hibiya Yagai Ongakudou concert on April 5th.

After the Budokan live on January 3rd, facing the sea in Okinawa, looking
at the wide sky and horizon, something that I hadn’t done in years, I decided
to find the direction that I will take on in the next 10, 20 years, in this
life that I will live only once.

I thought about being an artist, and how to face my fans, and the people
who have shown me support, I kept on thinking and thinking,

thinking and thinking, got tired and took a nap, woke up and thought again,

took a shower and thought while doing so,

got hungry and ate a bit and thought while doing so,

walked along the beach and thought while doing so,

when I noticed, it has become morning.

And then, when I looked at the rising sun,
without thinking at all, my tears started to flow.

It was not tears of sadness or happiness.

I just cried.

And I decided.

It is not something sad or happy.

It is a decision for the bright future.
At least I believe so.
The details regarding the reason and how I came to the decision,
I think I’ll talk about it some other chance in medias.

The success of the 10th year anniversary live of the management company,
successfully representing one of the band, and successfully sailing
into the 11th year, has become a big opportunity.

Of course I will continue on singing "Peace & Smile" from here on.

I am very grateful and thankful, especially to President Ozaki, who showed
surprise when I spoke up to her, but also after deep consideration, understood
my intentions, I am also grateful for all the staff who have been my hands
and feet and sometimes worked their asses off with sweat and tears.

Really really thank you.

I understand that no matter what path I take it will be filled with thorns.
Even then I’d rather live a life without any regrets 10 or 20 years down the

Hope we’ll be able to have sweet sweet dreams insetad of chocolates that
makes cavities in our teeth.

I hope everyone will have a SWEET dream.

Happy Braintine’s day.


Translation provided by Christina.