We know you’ve heard of CURE Magazine, Japan’s premier Rock and Style magazine – but have you heard about the new addition to the CURE family? It’s called CURE USA, and they feature the latest Visual-Kei rock bands as well as fashion and styling tips, just like the original CURE you know and love. Need a little more? We have an excerpt from their interview with YOSHIKI of X Japan in their very first issue!

YOSHIKI from X JAPAN Interview

The music of "X JAPAN" has surpassed national borders, race, and time

At a time when the term "visual-kei" didn’t even exist, X appeared suddenly on the scene, upholding the catchphrase, "PSYCHEDELIC VIOLENCE CRIME OF VISUAL SHOCK". Along with their flashy makeup and costumes, their unique HR/HM sound surprised people throughout Japan, and later brought great reforms to Japan’s music industry. Their groundbreaking existence has made them the original Jrock Band. YOSHIKI, who is already known worldwide as a musician, is in fact X JAPAN’s leader and drummer.

In this memorable first issue of CureUSA we feature an interview with YOSHIKI who helped found visual-kei in Japan and currently knows every detail of the Jrock movement overseas. After about 10 years have gone by, he’s carrying out new activities. What is the past, present, and future of X JAPAN, the band that from now on will spread its wings across the world?


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