When you think of things to do in New York City on a Thursday night in summer, going to a ska concert might not be on the top of your list….but it should be. Oreskaband took over Gramercy Theatre in NYC on Thursday, July 30th to a full house. The only way to describe the night is crazy fun.

The opening bands warmed up the audience nicely, with drinks flowing from the bar and crowd warming up their dancing skills. Skanking is a form in dancing practiced in ska. (Yes, that is the actual name, Google it.) When Oreskaband came on, the audience was more then ready for the all girl band. There was dancing by the girls on stage and a lot of dancing in the audience. The crowd went wild shanking – which almost looks like moshing, but more flailing of limbs and less pushing and violence.

The fun only intensified as trombone player Hayami went into the audience only a few songs into the set! On stage, Oreskaband members constantly engaged the audience, with Hayami and trumpet player Saki constantly near the edge of the stage as they played their instruments.

During one song, they asked the audience to get low and then jump up! They gestured for everyone to squat down as the music built up…and then on cue, everyone jumped! There was a lot more jumping around after this occurred, which only added to the fun feeling in the atmosphere.

The girls frequently gave short speeches in English to the audience, asking how they were feeling and if they were having fun. “I’m so happy! You’re dancing is awesome!!! I really really love NYC, I don’t wanna go back to Japan!” When asked if they were having fun, the audience cheered – it was clear they were enjoying this concert. “Tell me something, would you like to hear some more ska music? Let’s dance and sing! Are you ready?!”

“I’m Japanese, so I don’t speak English very well. But I believe we can share our feelings together!” said vocalist and guitarist iCas.

“Show me your peace signs!” Everyone raised their hands in the air doing the peace sign during the chorus of アーモンド (Almond).

Hayami asked the audience, “How is everyone doing? Everyone drinking? I think you should drink more! I’m gonna make you drink even more!” and then the band started into a cover of the well song ‘Tequila’ by The Champs. Saki ran into the audience during this song, playing her trumpet as she made her way through the crowd and then back over the barrier in front, jumping back onto the stage.

They talked about how 7 years ago, Oreskaband played Warped Tour and now they’re back in New York and couldn’t be happier. The audience seemed to appreciate Oreskaband’s return, as many people were wearing Oreskaband tshirts from Warped Tour!

For their last song of the night, they decided to play a new song for New York City.
Just as they walked off stage, chants of, “One more song!” began. Everyone hoped there would be one more song…and lucky for us, there was TWO more songs in store!

The encore started out with a song known by everyone in the room, “The Longest Time” by Billy Joel. It was hard not to sing along to a classic song like this, and everyone was swaying along in time with the beat. After one more song, the band said their final goodbyes to the audience.

1. Getting Higher
2. Carnival
3. Monkey Man
4. ピノキオ (Pinocchio)
5. Brand New Day
6. チャック (Chuck)
7. Carry on!
8. アーモンド (Almond)
9. テキーラ (Tequila)
10. それは勝手な理論
11. Pressure Drop
13. 夜明けのファシズム
14. www
EC1 Longest Time
EN2 キューティーハニー (Cutie Honey)