Noix, the company bringing Miyavi to Chile, has added a special video to their site. Miyavi also appeared on Chilean news!



Noix, the company responsible for bring Miyavi to the United States, has posted a special video on the front of their website. The video opens with Miyavi thanking everyone who voted for Chile on our Jrock Revolution poll! The video is subtitled in Spanish.

Click HERE to go to the front page of Noix! The video loads automatically!

This is one of the rare times we are allowing You Tube videos on our site, but it’s really too cool not to share. Miyavi‘s imminent arrival to Chile has lead a local news station to air a segment on visual kei and Jrock’s popularity in their country. Although the program is not subtitled, it’s still interesting to watch. The man with the glasses is Noix’s producer Gonzalo Garcia, who is in charge of Miyavi‘s appearance in Chile. If you look closely, you’ll see Gonzalo wearing a T-shirt from the Jrock Revolution Festival 1. How cool is that?

Click HERE to view!

By the way, the Chilean live has sold out. Awesome!

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