Guest Interview – at Anime Central, May 2011

By Carmilla Kupritz, Jessica and Jennifer Smith

Jrock Revolution: You now have your monthly radio show for SiriusXM called “YOSHIKI Radio”, which will make music of your choosing readily available to many listeners. What influenced your decision to start a radio show?

YOSHIKI: We were in New York during our North American Tour and we were performing at the Roseland Ballroom. Then at that show several radio people came, and SiriusXM asked me if I wanted a show. They said they want to support and promote X JAPAN’s career here. It’s great. So we performed a really good concert. He [a SiriusXM executive] said he wants to be part of the break for X JAPAN. They wanted us to do the radio show. It’s such a great honor to start my own show in the States… that’s how it got started.

Jrock Revolution: What kind of music can we expect to hear on your show?

YOSHIKI: Maybe rock because that’s my back ground, but I have some classical music influence, dance music or so… I really want it to be eclectic…

Jrock Revolution: Mostly Japanese rock?

YOSHIKI: I will say mostly Western rock but maybe I will play some Japanese rock as well.

Jrock Revolution: Looking at different genres: Jrock, Visual Kei, metal…. Over the two decades of being in the industry how do you feel these have evolved positively and negatively?

YOSHIKI: hm interesting…well rock, Visual Kei, always has such great energy, a little bit like… Precarious, a black mind… like always a lot of energy and that’s great. If I have to say a negative side… I don’t know. Ok so around like 20 years ago it was so hard to even accomplish having your own CD or anything, it was so hard. These days it’s easier to start but that’s even a good side. But you have to work harder, really, really hard to even scratch the surface of this industry to become really successful. There is a very good and bad side, work hard to deliver your music.

Jrock Revolution: X JAPAN will start a world tour starting June 28. People all over the world are waiting to see you. What are you looking forward to doing on this world tour and at the Summer Sonic Festival in Japan?

YOSHIKI: Well, when we perform we perform all the way. We just don’t do an ‘okay’ or medium show; we throw all our energy into it, the show. So what people can expect from the show? Something crazy to happen, a very dramatic concert…even during the festival as well. It will be memorable!

Jrock Revolution: How do you feel when someone tells you or writes to you and says, ‘X JAPAN’s music has changed my life and got me through really bad times’? How does it make you feel?

YOSHIKI: It makes me feel honored because it means they care about me. That also means I can be here because I went through hard times but because of music, I made it through. When I hear that because of my music it helped them through their hard time it makes it real and that’s the best feeling to me. It also helps me keep going because it’s not so easy, but hearing something like this it’s great. So this gives me a reason to be here and keep doing it.

Jrock Revolution: Please give us a message for Jrock Revolution fans?

YOSHIKI: Thank you so much for your support, because of you we are here and we can do a worldwide tour! Thank you and I look forward to seeing you!

Our thanks to YOSHIKI for the insightful interview!