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Thank you for always supporting BugLug

On May 7th, 2016, Issei (Vo.) fell from the stairs, and he was transported by ambulance to the hospital. There, he had an emergency surgery.

He was consequently diagnosed with “severe head injury”. Our currently planned in-store events at Nagoya fiveStars on Sat. 5/14 and at Brand-X on Sun. 5/15 have been canceled, and all performances for “Re:GAMBLING JAPAN TOUR「-Encore-」” have been postponed.

In addition, concerning “Re:GAMBLING JAPAN TOUR「-Encore-」” performances, while the date and time are yet to be determined, we’re planning rescheduled concerts so please do not lose your tickets and keep them safe.

We’re also corresponding to those who wish to refund their tickets; please wait a bit until we announce the details for how to refund.

CD purchases that comes with the in-store events will not be refunded, we ask for your understanding.

Due to Issei being treated in the ICU at the moment, we are in the condition of which only his relatives may meet him and the doctor; we apologize for the very delayed report to everyone.

We will notify you of his detailed condition as soon as we are able to meet with the doctor.

Also, we will notify you of the period of which we will resume activities after his medical treatment and seeing his recovery.

While we offer our sincerest apologies for having greatly worried and troubled all the fans and to those whom it may concern, we ask for your understanding.

May 10th, 2016
Resistar Records


[Members comment]

It was so sudden that I myself still don’t really know what has happened.

I’m terribly sorry for having troubled and worried all our fans.

I was notified and dashed out from my house immediately. I headed towards the hospital without knowing anything.

I met with Issei’s family and for the first time, I understood that it was an urgent situation.

The place where I belong to in the future, will only be alongside Issei.

So that Issei will think even more so that he has a worthy guitarist next to him, I’ll continue to wait and work harder than I have before until the day he comes back.

Everyone, please don’t forget about us until that day.



First, I apologize for having worried all the fans and all parties concerned.

Since that day, I kept thinking about what is something that I should do, what I can do for BugLug and all the fans, and also what I can do for Issei.

We believe that Issei will definitely return to the stage.

Issei himself is strongly hoping for that and is fighting even at this very minute.

Sometimes, we may have to ask for everyone’s help, but please wait for us and believe in the day that the 5 of us will stand on stage again.



To all our fans, sorry for having greatly worried you this time.

Issei has always said, “Precisely because there’s hope that we can see ahead of despair, that we’re able to fight with such tough things now, and overcome any adversities.”

And that’s why we’re waiting as we believe in hope.

Everyone, please also wait for us somehow.

I want to feel the happiness of standing on the stage together again.

I feel that the 5 of us will definitely return to the stage again, because I believe in Issei’s recovery.

So everyone, please also believe in him, and pray for his recovery.



I believe many were surprised and saddened by this announcement.

Since we strongly believe that Issei will return, so while we’re groping for what we can do, I hope to create a cozy place that includes all our fans, as we wait for the time Issei comes back.

Therefore, it may be a tough situation right now, but I wish you will warmly watch over us.

Issei is also fighting right now, so we’ll also do our best, look ahead, and fight.


Our thoughts are with Issei and the BugLug family.

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