Just before their London show, JrockRevolution.com had a chance to sit down with UnsraW for a quick chat. Enjoy!

JRR: What have you looked forward to the most? What have you dreaded the most?

UnsraW: Life. The tour bus.

JRR: Your new sound seems more refined than before the hiatus. In what areas do you feel you’ve improved the most? In what areas would you like to improve more?

UnsraW: New members and new songs, with new members we’d like to bring new ideas and songs.

JRR: You have three related singles coming up for release. How do they connect? How are they related? Is there a theme/concept behind them (and what is it)?

UnsraW: The concepts are moments in song. Each has a separate moment they explore.

JRR: You have two members who are fairly new to the band (Madoka and Jin). What have they brought to the band so far? How did you guys get together?

UnsraW: The new members have brought new insight to UnsraW and new music. They’ve brought look and spirits to the band. They get along [with us] really well. We met going to school.

JRR: Yuuki, as the band’s main composer, what sort of lyrics and music do you strive to write?

Yuuki: To just make music for people to listen to and for people to decide what the music is about themselves.

JRR: What would you like your listeners/fans to take away from your music?

UnsraW: To feel it and enjoy it.

JRR: What things are you most looking forward to in the upcoming tour?

UnsraW: To see people all around the world and make them go crazy, have fun, and go psycho.

JRR: Are there any specific places you’d like to see or activities you’d like to do someday?

UnsraW: See all the girls around the world and to see our fans.

JRR: Are there special routines/habits you do before each show? Or maybe afterward?

UnsraW: Smoke.

JRR: Though your image and music are very serious, what are some things that happen behind the scenes that are contrary to that image?

UnsraW: We have a lot of fun behind the stage.

JRR: Before the break, you had a much darker appearance, using a lot of makeup, masks, and eccentric costumes. This time around, your look has been toned down a bit. Does this look reflect the change in your music?

UnsraW: Would you think that this look is normal?

JRR: How did you come up with the name UnsraW? Is there a meaning behind it.

UnsraW: There isn’t a meaning behind it, and if there was- it’s a secret.

JRR: This is question for everyone. As musicians and artists, the development of one’s creativity is different with maturity. If you could have given yourself one piece of advice in those first days, what would it have been?

UnsraW: To do your best. And be who you are and to practice harder.

JRR: What should we expect from you in the future?

UnsraW: We will release more CDs and have a one band tour all around the world.

JRR: If you please, a message for our readers and your fans?

UnsraW: This is our first time here and will be back for sure so wait for us! We will be more grotesque and power you up even more with new music.

Our thanks to UnsraW and A.S.S. Productions for the opportunity!

Interview by: Heather C.