ANGELO had the privilege of following up with Kirito on Angelo. We got to touch on a myriad of topics ranging from politics to music and beyond. Enjoy!

JRR: From our interview last time, you said you would have voted for Obama [if you could], now that he has become the president, how do you think of him as a president?
Kirito: Obama’s inauguration was a historical moment that received much attention from the people of Japan. I don’t think all the problems America is facing right now are problems that can be solved in a short period of time, but from his words, which emit much ambition, I believe he will be able to solve those problems. On a personal note, I think it is great of him to make the effort to communicate with countries, which have been opposed to America.


JRR: This year you released, Maxi single, “Usubeni no Kakera,” how would you like your fans to react to it?
Kirito: Angelo has released mostly hard rock (heavier) songs up till now, but this song was made to let the listeners focus more on the [melody].

JRR: “Metallic Butterfly” was released as Angelo’s second album on April 22. How do you feel about it?
Kirito: This album is approximately 2 years apart from our last album, so I think it is an album where you can tell how Angelo has evolved [in the past two years].

JRR: What is your favorite song in this album?
Kirito: All of them of course, but “BUTTERFLY” particularly made my words come to life.

JRR: What is the biggest difference between the first and second albums?
Kirito: We have widened the variety of tunes. We feel that the lyrics and sound arrangements have also taken a step into the next dimension.

JRR: What was the most difficult thing in the making of Metallic Butterfly?
Kirito: Writing the lyrics were particularly difficult.

JRR: If you could choose one song (from Metallic Butterfly) for your foreign fans what song would it be and why?
Kirito: I would choose Butterfly because it has a melody unique to the Japanese.

JRR: Mr. Kirito, last year you said you eat bananas for breakfast, but recently what have you been eating a lot of?
Kirito: Recently I’ve been eating a lot of fish.

JRR: When doing the new music together, what are everyone’s feelings? Are you guys very serious about it?
Kirito: We are serious. We also enjoy [playing the new music] while imagining fans’ reactions.

JRR: From where do you get your inspiration?
Kirito: From various everyday experiences. From reading books, watching movies, from love life, I get inspiration from all kinds of things.

JRR: When writing songs is it a long process? Or do you write fast?
Kirito: I have times when I write fast, and also times when it takes an immensely long time.

JRR: For your solo project and for the band, when do you feel most accomplished?
Kirito: When recording is done.

JRR: Is there anyone you respect musically or non-musically?
Kirito: I respect those who are around me.

JRR: Recently have you had an interest in anything? (like hobbies)
Kirito: It’s not recent, but my hobby is motorcycles.

JRR: What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?
Kirito: Singing on stage.

JRR: What is something that Angelo wants to challenge the most?
Kirito: We want to perform in various countries in the world.

JRR: Do you receive a lot of presents from fans? If yes, please name a few interesting (unique) ones.
Kirito: I receive a lot of things. Stuff like health goods was interesting. would like to thank Angelo and East link Records.

Translation by: Yvonne
Translation editing by: Christina
Edited by: Ali W.

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