Now for something a little different here on JRR: We first heard about Los Angeles-based DJ HeavyGrinder through her appearances on the anime convention circuit in the States, but she’s far more widely known for her work in the global club scene. DJ HeavyGrinder makes stops all over the world from her home base in Los Angeles, and within the last year she released her first electronica album, "Living A Dream," in Japan.

And she is indeed living a dream—at only 24 she’s already made quite an international splash, accomplishing what many artists aspire to throughout their lives. We managed to drop her a few questions by email just before she jet off to Japan about her music and career, and we’ll be sure to catch up with her again and speak with her at length once she returns home.  Read on and stay tuned!


JRR: How would you describe your sound to a new audience?  What do you aim to do/convey to an audience when you perform?

DJ HeavyGrinder: I would describe my sound as funky, edgy, fresh and danceable.  I read the crowd and try to tell a story through my music.  My goal is to make people dance with joy and excitement.

JRR: Was there a moment when you realized you wanted to be a DJ more than anything? How would you describe that realization?

DJ HeavyGrinder: When I was 19 I realized I wanted to speak through the music more than anything. It was a thrilling thought and I am very happy being able to do that now.

JRR:  Who would you say are your musical mentors or strongest influences?

DJ HeavyGrinder: My strongest influences are the Prodigy, Jamiroquai, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Daft Punk, etc. So many to name.

JRR: You’ve already been so many places all over the world — do you have a place that holds the most meaning to you? Where haven’t you been yet that you want to go?

DJ HeavyGrinder: I really enjoyed playing at Kokugikan in Japan and many states across the U.S.
I have never been to Italy and would really like to go there and play.

JRR: It must have been really exciting to have an album released in Japan!  What’s it been like to be an artist that has successfully "crossed the ocean" so to speak?

DJ HeavyGrinder: It has been a great honor and pleasure being able to share my music and meet fans over seas.
It’s an amazing feeling!!

JRR: What advice would you give to starting DJs and musicians to be successful in their career?

DJ HeavyGrinder: Continue to grow and spread the love/language called music!  It is such a beautiful thing.

Links: DJ HeavyGrinder’s MySpace