The ground rumbled, matching the steady beat of everyone’s escalating anticipation, to the point that regardless of where ever you were upon the first floor of A-kon, you knew something was going on in the Morocco ballroom.

exist†trace was about to perform.

The lights dimmed; the crowd scrambled to find a place to see the stage, either between folks or off the sides standing on chairs. People were determined to see the entrance of the all-female band from Japan that has previously made a splash into the U.S. last year with their American tour through the east coast.

exist†trace are:
Jyou on vocals
Miko on guitar & vocals
Mally on drums
Omi on guitar
Naoto on bass

Granted, it didn’t take long for exist†trace to take their place on the stage nor was there time for anyone to hesitate when Mally hit the drums. The entire ballroom at that moment shook as the audience cheered and the music roared out of the stage and out of the door. The ladies stood with their back straight, facing everyone head on.

Giving everything they had to the audience in music and in return their fans give back more energy. But it wasn’t just the music, there was playful kick between Omi and Naoto, the little dance between Miko and Jyou, and there’s really no way of not noticing how energetic Mally was in the back. Regardless of the wide two meter space between the stage and the audience due to the press pit, it was as though there were no separation at all.

That’s the kind of band exist†trace is; one that reaches out.

Reaching out to pull the crowd in, the female rockers closes the gap with demands of jumping and to hear the fan’s voices to join in theirs. But it doesn’t end there; the ladies bring a show where jumping, stomping, and dancing became natural. There was not a single dull moment.

During the short, simple, sweet MC of Jyou thanking A-kon and their friends, Miko decided to let everyone know a little bit more about herself. Miko had spent two years in Dallas, Texas – which made her feel like she came home after a very long time. Of course, everyone was happy to welcome her home.

After tearing apart the stage, exist†trace went backstage. But they didn’t stay there long once the fans were screaming their names, Mally went running out so fast, standing quite dangerously on her drum seat before the rest of the band returned. And it was as if they never left the stage with how fast they instantly went back into the mood for their encore.

Even after the end of the encore and the band had left, the high tension made it difficult for anyone to sit still, reminding the fans of how they had rocked with exist†trace for one incredible night.

3 Kuchibiru *
4 Daybreak
7 Cradle

12 liquid

* from upcoming new release “DIAMOND”

Review by: Jess
Contributed: Kala
Edited by: Ali W.

exist†trace appeared at A-Kon by arrangement with RESONANCE Media and Monster’s Inc.

Photos by Resonance Media noted per photo. Additional approved photography by Resonance Media taken by: Kala Dunaway


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