TOKYO, JAPAN-JULY 15 2011-Creature Creature announced today the highly anticipated release of their first live DVD EXORCISING ORPHEUS for October 12.

The live DVD was filmed on 6-12 at Shibuya O-East and was rescheduled from the 3-11 show when the Tohoku earthquake occurred during the band’s sound check for the final show of the Paradise tour. This last show of the Paradise tour is the culmination of the three tours over the past year-Purgatory (Summer 2010), Inferno (Winter 2010), and Paradise (Spring 2011) completing the triptych. Creature Creature‘s energy-charged images take the viewer through time witnessing the spirit of Orpheus being exorcised from the bowels of the underworld.

The track listing for EXORCISING ORPHEUS is as follows:

01. Dream Caller
02. Amor Fati
03. Maboroshi
04. Black Hole
05. 星憑き Hoshitsuki (Star- Possessed)
06. ゾーン (Zone)
07. 真空 Shinku (Vacuum)
08. Cluster
09. Improvisation on Larva
10. 秘苑 Hien (Secret Garden)
11. 天醜爛漫 Tenshu-Ranman (Heavenly Ugly Blooming)
12. Psyche
13. Gone By Rain
14. Red
15. Swan
16. Lights
17. 春の機械 Haru no Kikai (Spring Machine)
Encore 1
18. Cosmos Blackness
19. パラダイス (Paradise)
Encore 2
20. Vanishing
21. 虚空人形 Es Koku-Ningyo Es (Puppet of Emptiness Es)
22. 千の闇夜に Sen no Yamiyo ni (For 1000 Dark Nights)