It was a hot July Sunday in Anaheim — the sun pierced through lumbering white scattered clouds, accentuating Anaheim Convention Center’s exquisite architecture and landscape.

That was far from the minds of the numerous fans, however, waiting in line for the first U.S. premiere of the long awaited film starring one of Japan’s most popular and multi-talented artists — GACKT.

Fans waited at the door to the screening hours before, some traveling from all the way across the country to participate in the exclusive event. The line wrapped around the corner, doubling back down the hall and extended all the way to the deck outside, attendees so dedicated that they would endure the blazing heat for the chance to see this epic film.

3:00 p.m. hit, and soon after doors opened. Fans rushed into the limited seating room and within minutes every seat was filled, turning it into a sold out show. Attendees squirmed in their seats, eagerly and excitedly waiting, gazes fixed upon the large screen at the front of the room. But before the screening could happen, a costume contest was held. Hosted by AM2 and in conjunction with Jrock Revolution, cash prizes and other goodies were awarded for the best costume of three categories: Best Gackt Cosplay, Best Lolita Costume, and Best Overall Cosplay. Contestants donned their most exquisite cosplays, from Gundam to Mizerable-era Gackt.

Winners were announced, the prizes were awarded. The lights dimmed, then shut off completely. A wild roar of cheers sounded and the show began.

With a dazzling and refreshing new spin on computer cinematography “Bunraku” delivered an action-packed, stylishly suave story involving two main characters played by Josh Hartnett and Gackt Camui, among other big name actors. Not only did the film keep the audience’s eyes on the screen as well as on the edge of their seats, but it also had everyone roaring with laughter. Sure not to disappoint, “Bunraku” is indeed the fall film to see this year.

Live Report by: Kei C.
Edited by: Deb

Costume Contest Winners:

Third Place – Best Cosplay

Second Place – Best Lolita Cosplay

FIRST PLACE – Best Gackt Cosplay