This weekend,’s Bento BeatBox TV program airs on UTB in Southern California. Check channel 56 for show times!

About Bento BeatBox TV

On May 14th, and Anime Network’s Bento Beatbox hit On Demand stations across the US, accompanied by a ten-minute onsite preview for those unable to catch it on television. The premiere, hosted by Xion of VAEIDOS, featured five artists both old and relatively new: Gackt, VAMPS, LUNA SEA, Angelo and DELUHI. The episode also included a convention and live news segment, courtesy of Ai Aota. While an interest was certainly expected for the show, it came as a pleasant surprise that Bento BeatBox roped in over 40,000 views and landed itself in the #6 spot in Anime Network’s rankings.

The next show will air on July 15th and will once again be hosted by Xion. This time around, Bento BeatBox will include some familiar faces but be sure to also look out for fan requested videos! If you’re curious as to just how much time remains until the next show, head on over to and take a look at the countdown clock—it will be starting again soon!

by: Kia