February 24, 2009 and Anime Network’s popular music show, Bento Beatbox will premiere its 4th episode on February 25th, 2010.

Since its premiere show on April 15, 2009, the show has introduced established and up and coming Japanese artists to the North American market through music videos, interviews and exclusive video messages. Bento Beatbox has featured remarkable Japanese artists such as Gackt, Luna Sea, VAMPS, LM.C, DespairsRay, Versailles, Kalafina, and more.

After 3 successful episodes in 2009, the 4th episode of Bento Beatbox invites viewers to a special look at none other than Los Angeles – the center of entertainment and, of course, a popular touring spot for J-Rockers. Titled the "L.A. Local" episode, new host Akiko Moritake delivers the show from top Jrock and anime merchandise retailer, Anime Jungle. Ai Aota of Neu Bauhaus brings music fans the Jrock news corner and will introduce the ultimate artist – a fan collaboration project.

The 4th episode delves beyond the styles of the previous episodes by featuring a genre-free Japanese record label, Daruma Label, based in Los Angeles. Viewers will be able to check out club jazz band Jabberloop, and garage rock band Detroit 7, both from Daruma Label. In addition to this, the L.A. Local episode features interviews with the label along with staff from the epicenter of Japanese pop culture, Anime Jungle, and a new video from LM.C.

In addition to Anime Network, the 30-minute show will air on the United Television Broadcasting System (UTB). Reaching 6.2 million homes and 95% of all cable households in Southern California, UTB is the leading Japanese Television Network in Southern California.

About the new host – Akiko Moritake
Akiko is a Los Angeles based promoter who’s worked with local rock bands and contributed to events such as PMX and Anime Expo in addition to providing translation and interview help with Since 2009, Akiko has also taken part in the operational workings and international communications for the site before accepting the role as Bento Beatbox’s new host. A self-proclaimed J-pop enthusiast, her passion and knowledge for Japanese music can also be found in her online blog as well as special messages via Twitter.

About ( is the leading Jrock community website outside of Japan featuring exclusive articles, interviews, forums, and several social networking sites promoting and exposing Jrock and Visual Kei. will be webcasting Bento Beatbox on Anime Corner each month. Jonathan Platt, Bento Beatbox Producer and’s founder says, "We are proud to be able to provide a TV show featuring the hottest Visual Kei and Jrock artists as well as new and upcoming bands." Along with the 30-minute program, Bento Beatbox will also feature 10-minute webcast editions on and anime network’s website for fans who do not have access to the television stations. Bento Beatbox is produced in association with Neu Bauhaus. More information about the artists and upcoming shows can be accessed on

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