-COMING MAY 1, 2009-

To our wonderful Jrock community,

Did you LOVE Jrock Revolution? Did you go to the first Festival? Even if you didn’t, do you absolutely think that there NEEDS to be a second Jrock Revolution Festival? This is your chance to tell the promoters of the original Jrock Revolution Festival 1 to BRING IT BACK! We need your e-signatures and we need them by the thousands. Here’s how it works: all you have to do is fill out a simple form and submit it to us. We will take care of the rest. Now, we cannot guarantee or make any promises that this will automatically make this magical event happen. JRR.com will do its best, but it is important that we have the signatures of each and every Jrock fan out there!

Since the first Jrock Revolution festival landed on our shores and into the hearts of thousands of people, Jrock fans everywhere have hoped for a Jrock Revolution 2 festival. As time has gone by with no return festival, many fans have become discouraged and disappointed…some with JrockRevolution.com.

I wanted to begin by clearing the air regarding this site and the Jrock Revolution festival. When the first festival was being planned, JrockRevolution.com was the promotional site for the event. Following the festival, we continued as a promotional site for Jrock artists and most importantly, as a hub for Jrock fans everywhere to come and discuss their passion for the artists and music. Although we have attempted to clarify this in the past, there are many people who continue to believe that we were responsible for putting on the first festival and therefore are at fault for NOT following up with a second. The only people who can legally put on a second festival are the promoters who presented the original. We could not (nor could anyone else) put on a “Jrock Revolution 2” as we do not own “Jrock Revolution.” That is why we are JrockRevolution.com.

Having said all of that, our plan is to present the promoters with a petition showing support for a second festival along with demographics showing where the greatest concentration of fans live. We are asking you to spread the word so that all Jrock fans will sign this petition so that we can prove that there is a huge demand and enough of a national fan base to support and justify the cost and organization of a second festival. A lot has happened since the first Jrock Revolution festival and the success of Jrock has grown enormously in our country. We need to prove to the promoters of Jrock Revolution that a second festival will sell out and that we have the fan base to make this a reality!

Let’s show our support for a Jrock Revolution 2 festival! Spread the word! The petition will be open for signing for the entire month of May and will be submitted to the promoters in June. This initial petition is for the United States and Canada (and any international fans who would travel to the U.S. or Canada for a Jrock Revolution 2 festival) only. But please do not think that we have forgotten all of our international fans and supporters. We are more than willing to petition in your behalf, also, beyond this initial endeavor. Please let us know of your interest and locations and we will gladly make a similar appeal on behalf of other countries who long for a Jrock Revolution festival.

I would like to thank Misha, Hikari, Ali, and Jonathan for their valuable input into this petition and to the entire staff of JrockRevolution.com for their tireless work in promoting our artists while maintaining a place for all Jrock fans to call “home.”

Thank you for all of your support.

Susan English
Site Coordinator