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L M.C returns with their 3rd album WONDERFUL WONDERHOLIC on March 3rd. As another big step forward for LM.C, the new full-length album features the hits “GHOST†HEART” and “PUNKY❤HEART”, and also includes the highly-anticipated “Bokura no Mirai.,” as well as other tracks highlighting the band’s distinctive colorful rock sound, ranging from visual kei to electro to pop. Four Editions are available to overseas fans including the overseas special edition for selected countries. Also, a special digital booklet with Romanized lyrics will be available exclusively for overseas iTunes users. The booklet is not compiled into any other album releases, but digital distributions ONLY! DON’T MISS OUT!!

Following their album release in March, LM.C’s 2nd world tour will start on April 2, 2010 from Moscow. In addition to their national tour in Japan, the world tour includes 14 cities in 11 countries: Russia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Italy, France, Taiwan, Thailand, and most importantly, LM.C will come back to the United States for the first time in two years for MusicFest at FanimeCon2010 in San Jose, California.





LM.C is a “New Century Electrock” duo made up of maya (Vocals) and Aiji (Guitar). Their debut singles “Trailers [GOLD]” and “Trailers [SILVER]” were simultaneously released on October 4th, 2006. From the very beginning, media and fans alike were spellbound by the impact of their sound and visuals, leading to multiple front covers on music magazines and publications. On October 16th of that same year, LM.C performed their first one-man release party at Shibuya O-East, playing the tracks from the sold-out singles, as well as other previously unreleased tracks.

LM.C then went on to conduct a nationwide tour as the buzz surrounding their growing popularity and entertaining live shows travelled to other parts of Asia, leading to them to perform at Taiwan’s largest rock festival “FORMOZ FESTIVAL” in 2007. They continued on their road to success in Asia with tours in Korea and Taiwan in February 2008. Upon their return to Japan, LM.C performed their first large hall show on July 18th at Shibuya C.C.LEMON HALL, which sold out in a record 2 minutes, cementing their success both in Japan and abroad.

In June 2008, they released their 7th single, “88,” which climbed to Number 3 on the weekly Oricon charts, and their first full albums, “GIMMICAL☆IMPACT!!” and “SUPER GLITTER LOUD BOX,” were simultaneously released. LM.C went on to do a 19-city, 20-show tour, including 2 days at the Shibuya C.C.LEMON Hall.

On January 23rd 2009, starting from Santiago, Chile, they embarked on their world tour throughout South America, Europe, and Asia, crossing 11 countries and playing 14 shows. LM.C’s catchy melodies and colorful music have traveled across oceans and borders and have been met with people all over the world chanting their choruses in full Japanese, demonstrating how LM.C has surpassed language barriers and stolen the hearts of tens of thousands of loyal fans worldwide. LM.C has grown as artists, performers, and international pop-icons.

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