“These girls will rock your brains out. As metal as one can get in heels and pink bows” – Kotaku

“Groundbreaking. Japanese all-girls metal band Aldious epitomizes ‘The Female Warrior’” – NYLON

“We fell head over heels for Aldious” – Revolver Magazine


Japan’s “groundbreaking” metal outfit Aldious will release a special edition of latest album We Are in Europe via JPU Records on 9th March 2018. The physical version of the album will include four exclusive live bonus tracks and will include a 16-page booklet containing images with English lyric translations and transliterations.

We Are is Aldious’ seventh studio album, and will be released in Europe simultaneously with previous album Unlimited Diffusion, also available on CD and digital formats from JPU Records. A limited edition t-shirt is also available exclusively from the label’s website.

Aldious’ name is a portmanteau of “Ultimate” and “Melodious”, two words central to the band’s ethos and sound. Their powerful stage presence and ferociously fast guitar licks have caught international media attention, leaving American pop culture and fashion publication NYLON to name Aldious as the band that “launched heavy metal girl bands into the mainstream [in Japan]”, and for the likes of Team Rock and Revolver Magazine to include Aldious in their “top metal bands from Japan” lists.

We Are:

01. Intro
02. We Are
03. Persevere
04. Absolute
05. Never give up
06. Koko ni Iru Fuzai
07. Kanashii Otoko
08. Happy Birthday
09. Travelers
10. die for you (live)
11. Sweet Temptation (live)
12. Luft (live)
13. yozakura (live)

Unlimited Diffusion

01. Utopia
02. Lose Control
03. Without You
04. Dilemma
05. Baika
06. Alright
08. No Sutarujikku
09. Reincarnation
10. Go away
11. In This World
12. fragile

Limited Aldious t-shirt

 Aldious are;

Re:NO – Vocals, Guitar

Yoshi – Guitar, Backing vocals

Toki – Guitar, Backing vocals

Sawa ­– Bass, Backing vocals

Marina ­– Drums, Backing vocals