Jrock Revolution will hold an industry panel at Pacific Media Expo! Known as PMX, this convention is all about Asian music, fashion, dance, and cinema, with a strong focus on Japan. It’s the ideal gathering place for music lovers, with past featured artists including T.M. Revolution, OLIVIA, Tamaki Nami, and Psycho Le Cemu. And if you count Gothic Lolita or hip-hop among your passions, you won’t want to miss it.

We’ll be there to give you the latest news and exclusives, a chance to meet all your friends from the forum and our first festival (not to mention our office staff!), and of course, opportunities to win prizes!

PMX has announced their first performing guests of honor… LiN CLOVER! After touring and recording with major artists, Ren (bass) and Nao (guitar) made independent magic when they met successful soloist YuRi (vocals) in 2002. This talented trio of musicians made their American debut at SakuraCon this year with an awesome, energetic, unforgettable live performance, and moved on to a short U.S. tour. Now they’ll be back to rock the concert hall at PMX, and they’ll have a panel and autograph session too! All three members draw on their diverse backgrounds to create music the band likes to describe as mysterious, with powerful imagery. You can look forward to a spotlight on this distinct band in the future here at JRR.

PMX will be at the LAX Airport Hilton in Los Angeles, CA on November 9-11. Check out the details at the PMX website. There’s a convention registration special going on until the 20th… $25 for the whole weekend! Look forward to our panel, and LiN CLOVER‘s return to the States!

And the Miyavi Special continues with a trivia challenge! Head over to the forum to give it your best!