As a newcomer in the visual kei scene, XodiacK and its members are already quite experienced with countless live battles. Their distinct stage presence has already earned them quite a reputation. We are proud to present to you’s second international interview with XodiacK.

XodiacK: Beginning of a new Universe

JRR: How did it feel when you put on your battling armors and stood on the stage at the end of the year live?

Eros: We have arrived.

hizuki: It has started.

agito: Be prepared.

yahiro: We have finally removed our limiter and are able to reveal ourselves. I have realized the value of my existence here.

chiri: Nothing in particular.

JRR: Please explain the visual concept of each member.

Eros: All of the members together symbolize the new universe.

JRR: What is the first mission of this year?

XodiacK: The creation of a new universe.

JRR: Your 1st maxi single “Owari no Hajimari” contains three songs; could you explain to us about each song?

XodiacK: The first track, “Kuroi Taiyou” is layered with the storms of extreme riffs, interacting with Eros’ unique Elemental Death Voice (with four layers of sound), and develops dramatically. This symbolizes the extremeness of XodiacK’s Galaxy Metal.

The second track, “Kimi ni Furu Zetsubou no Ame” combines the mournful sound created by the endless rain of despair with Eros’ emotion. The twin guitar play stemming from the cosmos is a must-listen. Seemingly a straightforward tune, the actual core is deep. This is a song that is very essential to XodiacK’s story.

The third track, “Kimi no Koe” builds a big vision of the end of the world; it will lead to different imaginations for the listener. The colorfulness of XodiacK’s presentation can be heard from the heavy yet transient, sensitive sound.

JRR: Where do you get the inspiration for your songs?

hizuki: Something just comes to me.

agito: I don’t get inspirations from anywhere as far as composing goes. If anything at all, it’d be the cosmos. By the time I notice it I already have the song composed.

JRR: Who writes the songs and lyrics?

XodiacK: Songs are usually composed by hizuki and agito, and lyrics are all written by Eros.

JRR: What are the meanings to your lyrics?

Eros: You have to use your own sensuality to explain and understand the meaning. When you do, you will be completely enlightened.

JRR: “Owari no Hajimari” is being sold on HearJapan; is it being sold as CDs in Japan?

XodiacK: Not yet. We plan to release it in the future so wait for the info.

JRR: Do you plan on releasing any CDs in the near future?

agito: We just answered that! *sounding angry*

JRR: Do you have any plans to extend your reach to overseas in 2009?

Eros: You have to wish for it. That will be the start.

JRR: Do you read mails or messages from overseas fans?

Eros: I am bad with words, but your heart has reached here.

hizuki: Yes I do; I often get compliments on my hair color.

agito: I definitely read them.

yahiro: I read them all the time. Thank you.

chiri: Sometimes…

JRR: What kind of interaction would you like to have with the overseas fans?

Eros: I would like them to fight for us.

hizuki: I want to see where you break down and go wild.

agito: I want to battle alongside all of you.

yahiro: I want to share the different dimension with everyone through music.

chiri: Family…

JRR: Please give a message to the international fans.

Eros: Get down on your knees.

hizuki: I want to see where you break down and go wild.

agito: Let’s meet on stage in the near future.

yahiro: Let’s go together.

chiri: My… desires are unfulfilled.

Interview by Christina

XodiacK’s first maxi single, "Owari no Hajimari", is currently available through HearJapan

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