From London to Paris – with Love

On X JAPAN’s first European tour, there’s been plenty of buzz over which shows fans will attend. With the strong connections X fans have to one another, traveling together can be the adventure of a lifetime. Going from London to Paris? Why not take the train and socialize with other fans? & present: The X Train.

In association with X Freaks and Yoshiki FR, the two-hour long ride will become a party of X fans from around the world! Fans are encouraged to book Car #15 on June 29th leaving from London at 16:02. Find an open seat and let us know you’ve confirmed booking. That’s all there is to it.

Upon arrival, be treated to fun and activities as organized by a team of JRR and Xplosion staff. Share memories of previous concerts – make new friends! The tour promises to be the event of a lifetime. Let’s all come together on a journey that will undoubtedly parallel that of the legendary X JAPAN.


  • Book passage on the Eurostar on June 29th from London to Paris, Car #15 and any open seat on the 16:02 departing train
  • Email your details to Asuka Miyu of at:
  • Let your friends know where to book
  • Arrive with your X gear to let everyone know who you’re with!
  • Have fun, make friends and incredible memories

X Freaks Forum
Yoshiki FR

Purchase information in detail can be found here:

Instructions in English!