JrockRevolution.com wants to see your best visual-kei-inspired designs at Anime Expo! Visual-kei has manifested through a wide range of influences from the elegant decadence of the Rococo and Victorian eras to couture punk done in elaborate flamboyance. Accordingly, the Japanese fashion entries accepted can range from Lolita to punk to anything in between!

The top entries will be given the opportunity to present their designs at the JrockRevolution.com Panel at Anime Expo on July 2nd where the panelists and special guests will judge the entries. The top entries will also receive a chance to be interviewed by Xion for JrockRevolution.com’s Bento Beatbox television show.

The J-Fashion Competition will be coordinated by J+conoclast, a new Japanese fashion syndicate that organizes fashion shows and gatherings. To enter, all entrants must e-mail their photo submissions (front and back) of their VK-inspired design to jconocalsts@gmail.com by June 28th, along with their contact information.

For more information about entry guidelines and competition format, please visit www.myspace.com/jconoclast


-Entries must be visual-kei inspired creations
-Entries will be judged in three categories: Originality, Construction, and Style
-Entrants under the age of eighteen (18) must provide a completed Parental/Legal Guardian Authorization Form
-Entrants agree to all Terms and Official Rules of the fashion show
-Entries are limited to one (1) per designer


E-mail submission entries must include the following: (1) Completed Entry Form with no more than fifteen (15) pictures; (2) Completed Image Release Form; and (3) Completed Parental/Legal Guardian Authorization Form, if applicable.


Q: What is "visual-kei inspired" ? What kinds of looks/styles qualify?

A: “Visual-kei inspired” is any ensemble that you have been inspired to create based on the influences of one or more visual-kei artists. This does not mean cosplay of a visual-kei artist. Visual-kei influence encompasses all the eclectic sub-styles and acceptable styles include, but are not limited, to the following: elegant gothic, punk, couture punk, aristocrat, dandy, Lolita, and cyber style.

Originality is just one of the categories the entries are scored in. The originality of each entry will be determined on a case-by-case basis. If more than half of the garment’s design is original, then that would result in a higher score in the originality category.

Q: What about cosplay kei inspired designs? Isn’t that visual-kei too?

A: Yes, of course it is. If cosplay-kei is what inspires you, then please feel free to submit your entry, but please keep in mind that a cosplay of a cosplay-kei artist is still cosplay.

Q: Does my entry have to be 100% handmade?

A: No. We do understand that not all the elements of an outfit can be created by hand, and some things can only be purchased since they are difficult or impossible to make. As such, even altered garments will be weighed more favorably in the category of Originality granting that enough work has been put into making it completely different from the original and the end product is an original design.

Q: Can I use something I made before?

A: Absolutely! You don’t have to start from scratch! The only exceptions to this would be if you’ve already entered your visual-kei inspired creation into any sort of competition (i.e., fashion competition, masquerade, etc.), then it is not eligible to receive judging in this competition.

Q: Do I have to model my own entry?

A: No. It is perfectly acceptable to have someone else model your entry.

Q: Can I still enter if someone else makes my design for me?

A: Yes. In this case, such an entry would be treated as a collaboration, and it will need to be submitted under the name of one person.

Q: Can two people work together on one entry?

A: Yes. The resulting collaboration would be treated as an entry from a single person.

Q: How are the top entries selected?

A: All entries submitted by the June 28th deadline will be evaluated, judged, and scored in the categories of Originality, Construction, and Overall Impact. Photo submissions are limited to fifteen (15) pictures per entry. The entries will be evaluated for presentation to the panelists and special guests at JrockRevolution.com’s panel at Anime Expo on July 2nd solely from your photo submissions, so please make them good!

Q: Will my design get stolen if I enter this competition?

A: Absolutely not! JrockRevolution.com and J+conolcast do NOT claim any property rights to your entry! By entering the JrockRevolution.com Fashion Competition, you agree that photographs and video of your participation in the contest can be used for promotional purposes. Please read the Terms and Official Rules for more information.

For any additional information, please send an e-mail to the J+conoclast team at jconoclasts@gmail.com. Also, any updates will be blogged and bulletined via the J+concolast MySpace.