Versailles Live Report

June 3, 2008 Knitting Factory Hollywood

Set List-

The Love from a Dead Orchestra

Shout & Bites

Beast of Desire



KAMIJO solo:  Ano Hito no Aishita Hito Nara (LAREINE)

Race wish (HIZAKI grace project)

Aristocrat’s Symphony


Forbidden gate

The Red Carpet Day


Encore: The Revenant Choir

Note: To enhance the reading experience, it is advised that you listen to the songs in the order of the set list.

A Visit to Versailles

After a successful appearance at A-KON in Dallas, Texas, Versailles‘ next and final stop for The Sentiment of Genesis tour was none other than Hollywood, California.  It wasn’t surprising that they were to play the Knitting Factory.  What was surprising was that they were to perform on the Main Stage.  Why was this?  Every jrock band that has to come to play at this venue, namely BLOOD with their several welcomed visits, Hagakure, and ANTI-FEMINISM, performed on what is called the Front Stage, which is what you see first as you enter the Knitting Factory; a moderate stage with a bar and tables hanging to its left and a dance floor spreading out in front of it with leather seating lining the walls.  If you keep walking you find yourself at double doors with MAIN STAGE above them.  This was a first time even seeing this Main Stage room for many jrock followers, yours truly included.

The immediate difference was clear and probably very obvious even before entering.  The Main Stage was bigger and there was a bigger dance floor.  One would think that the turnout to a visual kei rock band from Japan that most have never heard of wouldn’t be very big, right?  Wrong.  The show sold out.  The ticket office had to turn people away.  People were lined up from early in the morning, patiently and impatiently waiting, with roses in hand.

After the opening band Harpokrate, who were naturally a local metal band, the audience that wasn’t already in the room piled in to secure a spot.  The room was buzzing as fans were anxiously waiting for Versailles to come on stage.  After an introduction by Tainted Reality‘s own Roger, the lights went down and the curtains opened.  The sounds of a female choir and initially dim lighting immediately set the mood and we were transported into another world.

Soon YUKI came to his drum set and stood as he looked out into the audience and held up the corna.  Jasmine You, TERU, and HIZAKI followed suit, until finally KAMIJO took center stage, all of them donning their new NOBLE costumes.

Welcome to…Versailles

Love from a Dead Orchestra

The fans immediately got into it and rocked out with what little room they had.  Hair was flying as they moved about and banged their heads.

Kieteyuke moeteyuke minikui watashiyo  (Disappear Burn The ugly me)

As if praying to some dark deity, KAMIJO‘s gestures accompanied the instrumental breaks before he called out HIZAKI and TERU as they played their solos as amazingly as expected, although it was difficult to hear TERU‘s guitar at first.

Keagarenaki baranoyouni tada seitaitai (I just want to bloom like the flawless roses)

KAMIJO took an offered bouquet of roses from the front of the audience and smelled it before tossing it off to the side and flourishing to the end of the song

After the cheers, KAMIJO talked to the audience for the first time, in English, that evening.  “Welcome everyone to…Versailles.  Nice to meet you.  Give me your voice!”  The fans cheered.  “Give me your blood!”  The fans cheered.  “Give me your shout!”  The fans cheered.

Shout & Bites

Karamitsuita barano togega kuroi shinigamio tsukisashite warau (The entwined roses’ thorns stab the black god of death and laugh)

KAMIJO laughed as the roses as they broke into the song.  Jasmine You took his short opportunities to tease the audience while KAMIJO went up to them and touched their hands.  The fans supplied the “Shout & Bites!”

Midarana hodo kireine (So pretty that it’s dirty)

Shout & Bites

Aoi sakotsuno ue e… (To the top of the pale collarbones)

Despite TERU‘s guitar being momentarily disconnected, the guitar solos and duets were executed perfectly and twirls in unison, the song came to an end.  KAMIJO shouted “Scream!!”

Beast of Desire

With cornas in the air, the fans followed KAMIJO‘s hand choreography before TERU and HIZAKI tore into the thrashing intro. 

Menomaede kowareteyuku osaetemo kemonoga kairakuo sasou  (You’re breaking in front of me, even if I suppress it, the beast stimulates my ecstasy)

Ikeniewa yasashisato kareta namida dake  (The only sacrifices are the tenderness and my dried up tears)

KAMIJO beckoned everyone to hold up their ‘beast’ hands as HIZAKI and TERU led everyone into the next part of the song and YUKI did not disappoint in this high tempo track.

Menomaede kowareteyuku hitobitoga kemonoga kanashimio kurau  (You’re breaking in front of me, the beast eats people’s sadness)

Ikeniewa yasashisato kareta namida dake  (The only sacrifices are the tenderness and my dried up tears)

It was time to call TERU and HIZAKI again before KAMIJO brought in the end of last verse.  Hair flew and the last symbol of the song crashed before they took a short break on stage.

During this short break, KAMIJO called out his famous “Bonjour honey!” to which he followed with a “Nice to meet you.  Put your hands up!” for the next song.  A tune reminiscent of something from Halloween Town started playing as the band beckoned the audience to start clapping.


Raise! singing bat! Koumori ga utau (Raise! singing bat! The bats are singing)

Rage! a burning rose! Bara wo moyashi  (Rage! a burning rose! The roses are burning)

Hone wo tataki odore!  (Bones dance on the gravel!)

The house went wild.  This song drew probably the largest reaction from the audience the whole night.  A glance at any of the members at any point of the song showed that they were singing along, which applied to pretty much the whole evening.

Aruji no moto de hone wo tatake  (Under their master the bones clap)

Koumoritachi no uta ni nosete  (Taking part in the bats’ song)

TERU and HIZAKI certainly delivered in the song, especially TERU as this was his own piece.  And of course the audience was giving their part in full swing.


come here! right now!

come here!

Another ending with a bang before they took a short water break.  KAMIJO took this time to speak again to the audience.  “Hi!  Hi America!  Genki desu ka? (How are you?)  Arigatou! (Thank you!)  We are Versailles!  We are a visual band!”  And as expected, after each utter from the Aristocrat, the audience cheered.  Now was time to introduce everyone:  YUKI on drums, Jasmine You on bass, TERU on guitar, HIZAKI on guitar, KAMIJO on vocals, “and you…are my lover…”


The wintery intro was held generally quietly as this was a new song for many members of the audience (as was zombie but how could you keep quiet for a song like that?)  until TERU broke in.

Shiroi iki dake…  koe ni naranai  (Only white breath…  producing no voice)

Furisosogu yuki no naka  hitomi wa tokedashita  (In the downpour of snow  our eyes blended together)

A glance to Jasmine You showed that he was swaying as he sang along to a verse here and there during the song.  HIZAKI and TERU were mostly concentrated on their instruments as KAMIJO serenaded his ‘lover’.

Maiochita shiroi hana ga kimi no hoho de kira kira kagayaku  (The falling white flowers sparkle on your cheek)

Kono ude de dakishimesasete nani mo mienai kurai ni  (Let these arms embrace you in this darkness in which we can’t see)

YUKI picked up his tempo slightly for the second verse as they continued through the song and passed through the second chorus to reach a harmonic guitar duet.  All the members lip synched along to the quiet vocal bridge until the quick return to the third chorus at which all the standing members jumped to the offbeat.

Maiochita shiroi hana ga kimi no hoho de kira kira kagayaku  (The falling white flowers sparkle on your cheek)

Kono ude de dakishimesaseteite  (Let these arms continue to embrace you)

As TERU and HIZAKI led the audience to the end of the song, KAMIJO looked around to all his beloved ones and blew them all kisses.  The soft ending was the queue for all the members except the vocalist to leave the stage, leaving KAMIJO alone in the center as a piano interlude played to the next song.

Ano Hito no Aishita Hito Nara  (If I Was the One That Person Loved)

This nostalgic LAREINE ballad caused the audience to sway back and forth.  It was clear that there were many LAREINE fans in the crowd as they sang along.

Anna ni futari de samui yoru ni warai atatameatte  (Like this the two of them come together in warmth as they laugh)

Koko made kita no ni subete nami ni  nomareru  (Having come here everything can be lost in the waves)

For just a glimpse, the people crowded in the room could see KAMIJO of LAREINE.  Those who knew the song or could understand his sorrowful words felt deeply touched, but his voice proved to be enough as it brought tears to even those who did not understand the language of this story.

Ano hito no aishita hito nara boku yori mo zutto yasashikute  (If I was the one that person loved they would always be more dear than me)

Kono hana no imi wa nani mo nai  (This flower has no meaning)

Tada karete yuku dake  (Only to continue withering away)

Arms waved slowly in the air as the piano and violins led everyone to the end of the song.  KAMIJO brought it to a close with a soft “Thank you very much”.  He turned to leave the stage as Roger came on stage and announced a short break.

The buzz in the room was brought back to life as some wiped their tears away and reveled in their opportunity to have been able to hear the last song, and it wasn’t long before attention was returned to the stage as the lights went up and all the members returned minus KAMIJO.  YUKI and TERU took their usual place in the back and left while Jasmine You took to the right and HIZAKI took center stage.

Race Wish

A familiar organ was heard as they posed and HIZAKI played the soft intro to the song until it broke into the next line where YUKI came in and TERU brought his arms up into the air and clapped to the changed tempo, indicating that the audience should copy him, as they all did.

As KAMIJO had performed his solo before the break, it was now HIZAKI’s turn with this favorite HIZAKI grace project song.  The lead guitarist was often found close to the audience, who naturally reached out for him and many times even grabbed at him and his costume.  Versailles’ ‘princess’ definitely chose the right song to show off his shredding skills and the other members weren’t behind at all.

A bit after halfway during the song the string players switched sides and TERU surprised the audience by coming stage center for a short but amazing solo during a typically ‘quiet’ part of the song.  HIZAKI took back to the center and they all jammed together the last phrase.

The crowd cheered loudly in their adoration and excitement to have experienced yet another opportunity they could have only gotten in Japan: seeing HIZAKI grace project.  The stage went slightly dim as the sounds of the female choir were heard again as KAMIJO took his place back in center.

“You waited for us…we waited for this time…”

Aristocrat’s Symphony

Another song on the set list that most were probably not familiar with as this was also a track from the A Noble Was Born in Chaos single that was only available to fans attending their lives in Japan, with the exception of this night where everyone got their hands on a copy.

Saa kireina chi de somete ageru  (So I will dye it with beautiful blood)

Kono sekai wo riseitekina kanou e to  (To make this world come to its senses)

Shiroi tobira wo hiraite  (Open the white gate)

All the members sang along with the Aristocrat, particularly YUKI during the chorus as KAMIJO seemingly lost his words.  Perfectly on cue, HIZAKI and TERU came center stage when they each did their solos as well as a brief duet.

Kedakaki barairo no symphony  (Sublime rose colored symphony)

Yuuga ni mau kanashimi no takuto de  (Dancing elegantly to the sad conductor’s baton)

Sadame wa yami no rhapsody  (Fate is the rhapsody of darkness)

Kono senaka ni ude wo mawashite  (This back turns from my hand)

KAMIJO gestured upward in a longing manner before he spun and declared one last time his desire to paint everything with blood as he brought the song to its close.  All the standing members posed and TERU blew kisses to the audience.  The Aristocrat shouted “You are terrific!” before they all took a moment to recharge themselves.  They all drank some water and HIZAKI took this chance to get up close and personal with the fans.  KAMIJO resumed speaking and this time spoke in Japanese, thanking everyone for coming and saying how happy and grateful they were for this chance to come see their fans in the U.S. and perform.  It was then time to get everyone pumped up again for the next song and he shouted familiar phrases in Japanese like “Motto!  Yobe!  Tobe! (More!  Shout!  Jump!)”  The crowd was ready.


And rightfully so as HIZAKI and TERU broke right into the song of which intro begs to be head banged to.

Fukaikiri ni tsutsumareta rinjuu no mukou e  (Towards the death bed concealed in the dense fog)

Shikabane de tsukurareta hashi wo wataru kuroi basha  (The black coach crosses the bridge with the prepared corpse)

KAMIJO’s expression turned dark and now appeared before everyone as a dark and violent vampire.  All the audience was certainly feeling the violence of the song as they were even more crushed against each other and the stage, if it was even possible.

Ima watashi ni furisosogu shi no hai wo hagitori  (Now I tear through the pouring ashes of death)

Reien wo kakenukeru kuroi kage ni yurarete  (Trembling the cemetery as my black shadow runs past)

HIZAKI and TERU switched sides and it was time for HIZAKI’s solo to be followed by one by TERU where he turned on the sustained reverb and impressed everyone with his fret play.  The audience cheered and reached for the both of them as they returned their focus to the rest of the song.

Watashi wa sono chi wo hiku mono  namida nado nagasanai  (For that thing from which I drew blood  I do not shed a tear)

Moeagaru shiro wo nokoshite  (I leave behind the burning castle)

Shikkoku no basha ga kagerou ni tokete kieteku  (The jet black coach vanishes in the shimmering heat)

Forbidden gate

As soon as the last guitar chord of SUZERAIN faded out, the ethereal sounds of a harp introduced the next song.  All the members took this quiet moment to drink some water before they went back in position and began with the first riff.

Shitao mireba taiyo  (When I look down, the sun)

Kumono nakao tsukinukeyuku  (Cuts through, inmidst of the snow)

Kuroi kagega fuyuu suru  (The black shadow is floating)

Awai yumeno naka?  (Inside of a faint dream?)

All the members became more somber on the stage for this song of despair.  KAMIJO clearly had sorrow in his eyes and he frequently looked upwards as if he was searching the heavens.

Ah…forbidden gate

Everyone was still, Jasmine You posed with his arm in the air like he was delicately reaching for someone, until HIZAKI and TERU broke the silence with an angry instrumental, leading back into the chorus which KAMIJO emotionally ended.

Orokana hodo shini shuuchaku shita karewa mada…gakuno naka  (He, who is attached to “death” so much that it’s stupid, is still…inside of the framed picture)

The audience cheered, only for KAMIJO to speak to them again.  “Hi boys and girls!  Are you ready?!”  Everyone shouted in answer as the other members hit their instruments, all repeating this five times before diving into the next song.

The Red Carpet Day

It was certainly TERU’s time to shine as he perfectly shredded the intro, which he wrote, sounding as perfect, if not better, than the studio recording.  Everyone went crazy and caused the room to shake.

Ah…tashikani nozonda [towa] ni ikiru kotoo watashikono [karada] ga yamini okasarete demo  (Ah…surely I wished for ‘eternal life’   But my body is invaded by darkness)

Hair was flying mostly in the back of the audience only as there seemed to be pretty much no room for anyone to move around closer to the stage.  There was enough room, however, for everyone to raise their hands and follow KAMIJO in clapping their hands between verses.

Akai kono yukao hau youni  (To crawl on this red floor)

Amai sono kaorini tsutsumarete  (Surrounded by this sweet perfume)

All the fans lent their voices for the “Hey!  Hey!  Hey!” as well as “The red!” which was followed by “carpet day!” by the now bloodthirsty Vampire.

Akai bed no ue anatano kubisuji ni  (On top of the red bed, the life)

Afuredasu inochio watashi ni sosogu  (Overflowing out of the girl’s neck, pours into me)

Motto sobani iteto anatao dakishimete  (I’ll be at your side and embrace)

Doushite hitowa kamio shinjiruno darou  (Why do people believe in god…)

As TERU led everyone through the end of the song, it seemed like all the fans wanted to offer their blood to KAMIJO as they all reached for him.  He watched them all like the vampire he was until the last note.

The audience cheered as the band took a short water break on stage.  KAMIJO then turned back to face the fans and spoke in Japanese and English.

Arigatou, sutekina yoru ni kureta.  (Thank you, for coming this wonderful night.)  Special night.  We are very happy.”  He then began to laugh as he seemed to struggle continuing in English, so he continued with Japanese, telling everyone to sing together only to finish with an English “Put your hands up.”


All was silent as the piano intro played until KAMIJO uttered a soft “Domo arigatou (Thank you very much)” and the others joined, HIZAKI leading on his guitar.

Konomama misasete anoyumeno tsuzukio  (Being stared at like this, the dreams continuation)

Kesenai kizuatoo kiokuo kakikeshite  (Erases the memories, the scars I can’t get rid of)

Arms in the air waved side to side to the slow rhythm of the song as the fans swayed together.  HIZAKI and TERU sang along the entire verse before the chorus.

Bokuwa yumeo miteitadane  (I dreamed, right?)

Yamio nejinagara  (While I performed in the darkness)

Tada kizutsuketeta  (I just hurt you)

Hakanai yumeni oborete itane  (I drowned in the faint dream, right?)

Hitode irukotosae wasuresaseru aiga sokoni atta  (Being with people, the forgotten love, both were there)

TERU seemed to be carried away in the song as he continued to sing along for the majority of it.  It also seemed to have an affect on YUKI who appeared to get a bit emotional, but he didn’t let it affect his performance and he continued to carry the song perfectly all the way.

Omoi makuto meo tojireba  (If I close my eyes and the heavy curtain)

Anatadakede shikaiwa fusagarete  (Only you hinder my sight)

Afuredasu omoi idaite  (I keep those overflowing thoughts in my heart)

Konomama mou nemurasete  (Just put me to sleep like this)

As the piano epilogue played the familiar tune of their debut single, KAMIJO softly spoke into his microphone.

“Thank you very much.  Domo arigatou.  (Thank you very much).”

With that all the members quietly left the stage one by one in the order they came in and as they did the audience cheered, applauding their performance and calling to them to not go away.

As the lights came back up in the house, it was now time for everyone to put their energy together to call Versailles back for an encore.  And after many repeated shouts of “Encore!”, “One more song!”, and “Versailles”, and with a bit of help from Roger at the backstage door beckoning the fans to cheer louder and louder, the band returned to the stage.

HIZAKI came back out first tossing candy to everyone in the crowd while YUKI stepped up to them and gave high fives and Jasmine You gestured that he couldn’t hear them before blowing them kisses, TERU doing the same.  Finally KAMIJO returned and shouted “Omaetachi tanoshii ka?? (Are you guys having fun??)”

Encore – The Revenant Choir

As soon as they started the song, the ‘old favorite’ seemed to revive everyone as they head banged, the whole band with smiles on their faces.

I’m proud of them.
Pleasure like fear.
It’s a night when the moon laughs at lover.
The time has came for you.
I will resurge and shouts and bites.
Stay away!
do you want to go with me?

The fans supplied “The red carpet day” for the second verse, much to KAMIJO’s delight, as they continued to rock out.  They all seemed to be singing along the whole song as their arms moved to the melody of the lyrics.

Our clan’s blood will not stop forever.
If you wish, I would become a rose.
Our clan’s blood is a lifetime lover.
stay,choir of sorrow and pains.

The Vampire seemed to have forgotten the lyrics at the second bridge and laughed as he looked to YUKI who was singing it for him and gave him a funny face.  He then moved to let Jasmine You take center stage for his solo and eat up the fans’ cheers before he returned to his original space.

KAMIJO then sang a verse that can only be heard in the live version of this song that led to HIZAKI’s solo, followed by TERU’s solo, and then their duet for which they took center stage before going back to their respective spots.

The time has came for us.
long time sleep passed.
The world turns in hand of descendant of the rose.
Our clan’s blood will not stop forever.
stay,choir of sorrow and pains.
Our clan’s blood is a lifetime lover.
Without you,would be gone Far away…

During the last riffs of the song KAMIJO shouted “America!!” and introduced the members again:  YUKI on drums, Jasmine You on bass, TERU on guitar, HIZAKI on guitar, and KAMIJO on vocals.  Omaetachi kawaii yo!  Saikou da!! (You guys are cute!  The best!!)”

The sounds of the women’s choir returned, letting everyone know that this was indeed the end of their visit to Versailles.  All the members took their time as they approached the fans and shook their hands before gathering together in a line and bowing, ending their last bow with a group jump.  For the last time that night, the members left the stage, Jasmine You strutting in the process.

It was time to leave Versailles, but we all were left lingering with a hope from Roger of being able to see it again in the coming autumn. 

Versailles will be returning to the U.S. and performing at Anime USA and New York.  Make sure to attend if you would like to be able to visit the world of Versailles.




Live Report written by Krystal

Revenant Choir and all Lyrical Sympathy romanized and translated lyrics are Versailles official lyrics

All other lyrics romanized and translated by Krystal

Special Thanks to Tainted Reality,Versailles, and Sherow Artist Society