Utada Hikaru’s first collection of lyrics, Utada Hikaru no Kotoba will be released on December 9th (Sat) — her debut anniversary.

The book collects all of her Japanese lyrics from her debut song “Automatic” to the newest single “Anata”, in the order of (vocal) recording. Other than the lyrics, the book will include comments from various celebrities regarding Utada Hikaru’s works, making it an interesting read.

It has been 8 years since TEN and SEN in 2009, for Utada Hikaru to publish an official book.

To commemorate the publication of this collection of lyrics, a special website has been created. Fans can post their feelings and comments for any Utada Hikaru song, including the brand-new song, “Anata”. We await your posts.

Utada Hikaru no Kotoba Special Website: http://www.utadahikaru.jp/kotoba

<Information on the Book of Lyrics>
■ Utada Hikaru no Kotoba
On sale: December 9th (Sat), 2017
Price: 1,400 yen (plus tax)
Spec: 352 pages / duodecimo / paper cover
Publisher: M-ON! Entertainment Inc.
Sold at general bookstores and internet bookstores
※Please note that the spec may change.

(Cover of Utada Hikaru no Kotoba)

(Artist photo for Lyric Collection Book)

<Release Information>

“Anata” (Main theme for DESTINY Kamakura Monogatari” / Commercial tie-in song for “Noi –Can, Wireless (Wireless Noise-Canceling)” Headphones)

Digital Release on December 8th (Friday)