The Fourth Time Is The Charm

Usually you would say “the third time is the charm,” but as X JAPAN is known for making their own rules since their indie days, it is now probably appropriate to say “the fourth time is the charm” — at least when it comes to their official debut it Europe.
Originally planned for Paris in 2008, it has been postponed three times in a row due to health problems of leader, drummer and pianist YOSHIKI, and also due to discrepancies with the band’s management. News about an upcoming show in Europe finally seemed within reach when YOSHIKI and ToshI (vocals) performed a small acoustic gig at Japan Expo in Paris last July. To many fans’ dismay, they kept quiet about any gigs in the French capital.

In the following months you could read in Japanese newspapers from time to time that a Europe Tour is in the works and that apparently concerts in the U.K., France and Germany were confirmed, but details were never mentioned. And thus European fans waited and waited and waited … Information about several shows in South American was released, but still no further news about Europe.

In the beginning of April, venues in London, U.K., Berlin, Germany and Paris, France suddenly announced X JAPAN concerts for June and July. Several European reservations offices released the news that ticket sales would start on April 15 at 9 a.m. The joy was big, just like the fans’ skepticism. After all, dates, venues etc. had been announced the previous three times, too.

Another element of uncertainty was that the only news on X JAPAN’s OHP was that tour dates would be announced soon. Probably not the best announcement to assure stigmatized fans … especially not after only two months ago an U.S. music festival released the news that X JAPAN would do the honors, only to withdraw the very same information a few hours later as it turned out that the organizers made a mistake. At least they are in good company since it happened to other artists in the past, too, and will likely occur in the future as well.

About an hour before the tickets actually went on sale, YOSHIKI finally confirmed the dates through his Twitter account @YoshikiOfficial. His announcement relieved the fans’ fear to spend money on nothing but a glimmer of hope. The run on the tickets could begin! It did not take long for both O2 Islington Academy, London and Huxleys, Berlin to be sold out. Thus, both shows were moved to bigger venues — the London show is now going to take place at Shepherds Bush Empire and the Berlin show was moved to Columbia Halle (C-Halle).

Due to many requests another show was added in Utrecht, Netherlands at Tivoli. By now, both London and Utrecht are sold out; tickets for Berlin and Paris were still available, though if you have not bought yours yet, do it now and be part of the experience.

Stay tuned for the latest news as well as for articles, reports, fan-projects etc. regarding X JAPAN’s very first Europe Tour!

Staff blog by: Tamara M.