What’s more fun than doing something big with other people who share the same interest like you?

In the following we would like to introduce two fan-projects to you.The first one you may already be aware of and if not, it might be of interest for everyone who attends both the London show on June 28 and the Paris show on July 1 — it’s called “The X Train” and is a collaboration of, and Yoshiki FR.

Participating in it is quite simple — just book a seat on the Eurostar Car #15 that is leaving on June 29 at 16:02 and be part of the party!

For further details check out: X TRAIN — From London to Paris with Love (

The second project might be particularly interesting for everyone attending the Paris concert on July 1. There is not much you have to do, just take a red T-shirt with you and wear it during 紅 (Kurenai) so that the entire Zénith de Paris is red. Maybe you are wondering why it has to be a red shirt rather than a black or white one … Well, the answer is pretty simple: 紅is Japanese for crimson, hence the red T-shirt!

For further details, check out the Facebook Event: T-shirt rouge pendant Kurenaï/Red T-shirt during Kurenai (

If you have heard about other projects or maybe you have got ideas for something that could be done at the London/Utrecht or Berlin show, let us know about and we will feature it so that even more people can learn about it!

Blog by: Tamara M.

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