A quote from one of our first articles states: “Kakumei. The Japanese word means ‘revolution.’ By definition, it means to take an established organization or situation and uproot it, turn it completely on its head.” In the first year since Jrock Revolution formed, we’d been doing handstands for months and months already.

As demand for Japanese rock around the world exploded, there simply were not enough industry forces to accomodate the ravenous appetite. Jrock Revolution ventured forth after the success of the Jrock Revolution Festival to provide a gathering place and destination site for worldwide Japanese rock fans, the biggest official space for you to come out of your individual fandom homes and unite with passionate fans everywhere in supporting the growing movement for global access to Jrock.

Jrock Revolution is staffed by a team from all different backgrounds and hobbies, but with a common passion for the Japanese rock scene and an understanding of this scene beyond its native borders. From artists as big as X JAPAN to newcomers like the Underneath, we work daily to connect fans to their artists, and artists to their fans. We stand out not only because our groundbreaking festival transformed the landscape for Japanese rock artists in the U.S., but also because we care. We care about the fans, their countries, the artists, and their labels. We care about information. We care about now. We care about the future.

Features and interviews with artists you want to know about and artists who want to get to know you pepper our site. News and overseas tour information you can trust for accuracy is posted as often as possible. Fans can interact by responding to our polls, joining our unique 5,000+ member strong forum, submitting questions for future interviews and much more. Jrock Revolution made history not so long ago by opening our doors to overseas ticket sales for X JAPAN’s reunion lives in 2008.

Externally, we have a booming MySpace, YouTube page, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, LastFM, Twitter and LiveJournal.

While we’re based in the U.S., we have fans in dozens of countries from Luxembourg to Australia, from Singapore to Canada, Brazil to South Africa. Come stop by and say hello! Join the Revolution, and be Revolutionized.

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