Additional “VIRGIN” Tour has been officially announced! The final destination of the tour is going to be Thailand!

SuG has finished their Japan tour “VIRGIN” on May 5th, in Tokyo, EX THEATER ROPPONGI. After the concert, they announced additional concerts in Mexico, Taiwan and Thailand, four concerts in three countries.

On June 26th, Taiwan: THE WALL. On July 3rd, Mexico: Lunario Auditorio Nacional. And July 9th, 10th in Thailand: TO-B at MUSE Thonglor.

“SuG LIVE VIRGIN” is the tour that has been around 18 places in japan, and it’s based on the first major mini album “VIRGIN” that has been released in March. “VIRGIN=The First Impulse” is the main theme of the tour. The first song “ SICK’S” contains overloaded enthusiasm which heats the performance. SuG is not the only one who has grown through this concert tour, but also the audience. The audiences got really excited from the beginning. For the last song, it is “ Smells Like Virgin Spirit”. This song is also been performed in SuG’s first Europe Tour, and the chorus with the audience is the highlight. Moreover, this song could not be completed without audience’s voices. As what Takeru (Vo.) has said, “ We write this songs because we want to sing it with you together!”, the chorus with the audience is indispensable.

SuG will not let the excitement down. They will perform “VIRGIN” with great enthusiasm throughout Mexico, Taiwan and Thailand. It is SuG’s first time to perform in Taiwan in this 2years, and as what they have promised in JAPAN EXPO THAILAND in this January: “We will be back!”. Takeru (Vo) has given comment below: “In Japan this tour was really lit. Most of the times it is always the concerts at oversea are more lit, but this time since it has been so heated in Japan, we are looking forward to see more exciting live concerts experience in Mexico, Taiwan and Thailand.” Not only fans are looking forward to these additional concerts, but also each members of SuG.

On the same day, SuG had another significant announcement. As for next year, which is going to be SuG 10th anniversary year, SuG decided to set their goal to perform at Nihonbudoukan (a place where is traditionally important for artist to held their live concert.) Audiences have responded to Takeru with the greatest reaction of the day, and many of them had tears for Takeru’s ambious decision.

SuG has been focusing on providing more information for the oversea fans, which is the reason why SuG now have a Facebook page for only the oversea fans. Other additional information about oversea concerts will be posted on this page, so don’t miss any of them.

・SuG official facebook page:
・SuG Official:

・Date 26th June,2016(Sun)
・Venue THE WALL GONG-GUAN (No.200, Section4, Roosevelt Rd, Wenshan District, Taipei City,Taiwan 116)
Further details will be announced later.
・Date 9th July,2016 (Sat) & 10th July,2016(Sun)
・Open / Start 9th July,2016 (Sat) 18:00/18:30 pm
10th July,2016 (Sun)17:30/18:00 pm
・Venue TO-B at MUSE Thonglor 10 (Bangkok 159/8 Thonglor 10)
・Tickets Type-A 2,500 THB/1 round
Type-B 7,000 THB / 2 rounds (Sat & Sun) + Meet & Greet ( 20:30-21:30 Sunday)
・Ticket Sales Start:  13rd May,2016 at 10:00 am
・Ticket available at  Thai Ticket Major (
・For more information G-Yu Creative Co.,Ltd. 02-658-0555 Ext. 112 Email:

・Title SuG en Mexico
・Date 3rd June 2016 (Sun)
・Open/Start 17:00 / 19:00
・Venue Lunario Auditorio Nacional (
・Ticket General Ticket- $700 / 38USD /VIP Tickets- $2,000 / 110USD
・For more information
(Japan) FOO-NEL-SHOP /
(Mexico) NINSHI /
・Ticket Sales Start:  15th April,2016 at 11:00 am
・Ticket available at ticketmaster (