S.K.I.N. at AX!

S.K.I.N (consisting of YOSHIKI, SUGIZO, Miyavi, and Gackt) will be performing Friday, June 29, 2007, at Anime Expo® 2007! It will be held in the Long Beach Sports Arena as a Main Event.

General admission tickets are free to anyone who registers to Anime Expo®. There are over 6,000 seats available!

Premier Tickets for the seats closest to the front are for sale for $50. The first wave of purchasers crashed the server and ticket sales were temporarily put on hold. Anime Expo® stated that they will now reach out to fans through e-mail containing information on purchasing Premier Tickets. A pre-registration number is necessary to purchase one.

For more information, please visit Anime Expo’s website:
Also, please visit their ticketing policy:

See everyone there!