We’re really looking forward to seeing many of you at our panel at Pacific Media Expo! Here are the latest musical announcements.

PMX‘s musical acts this year are truly one of a kind. These dynamic artists defy easy description, and they all offer their own kind of mystery.

LiN CLOVER was first to be announced amongst PMX’s Guests of Honor. This trio of artists offers an unforgettable and singular sound, derived from the members’ different musical roots and passions. More in our first PMX announcement.

The acts that have now joined PMX’s roster deliver a distinct style in the presentation of their image along with their powerful melodies.

PMX arrives tailing Halloween, and there could be no better band to keep the celebration going than horror-themed goth band The Candy Spooky Theater, brought to the U.S. by Tainted Reality. Featuring "Comical Horror Voice" Jack Spooky, "Shameless Electric Bass" Peggy, and "Electric Barbed Strings" Kiddy Skeleton, they blend Halloween-style B-movie inspiration with a twisted sense of humor. We’ll have more on Candy Spooky in the future.

And D&L, a band that normally only plays secret lives in Japan, will bring their own mystery to PMX. D&L aims to build a new genre outside the categorizations of visuals and sound. D is for Dragon… L is for Lion. The members are Ryouga (Vocals), K (Guitar), Ray (Guitar), KIFUMI (Bass), and TOMO (Drums), and to understand what kind of band they are, they want you to listen.

For more on all of PMX‘s Guests of Honor and to register for the convention, head over to the PMX website.