Early Friday morning on March 11th, an earthquake registering 8.9 on the Richter scale struck off the north west cost of Sendai, Japan. In the aftermath of the initial devastation, a tsunami caused even more damage. The death count has been over 300 as of this writing, with many more missing. Power in many places has been out and communication to many areas has been difficult.

Our hearts and thoughts are with those affected by this tragedy.

JrockRevolution.com staff member, Maura, was on a train when the quake hit Tokyo and there was worry it might derail. Since then, all trains had been stopped, forcing commuters to walk or seek shelter. “…we’re not out of the woods yet. We’re still getting major aftershocks. I got home and everything in my house had fallen. Everything. Except my fish and his tank.” Reports on damage were still coming in as we spoke.

Twitter became something of a lifeline to some who had been in power outage areas. While a text could reach one recipient, Twitter users were able to connect with groups who passed on messages to other friends that they were safe. Google initiated The People Finder in multiple languages to help people search for friends and loved ones. There is also a new Google Crisis Center with information, resources and news as it happens.

Throughout social media, many of us with friends and loved ones in Japan continue to wait for information. Artist MIYAVI has taken time to re-tweet valuable information as well.

For some, it’s a little easier to find information that they’re okay. We’ve tracked people exchanging information on artists who have already checked in as okay. Yoshiki has tweeted that he’s fine. Miyavi has said he and his family are okay. Luna Sea’s official Facebook has reported all members are fine.

Below are some additional helpful links. If you know a Twitter we should follow, a Facebook Page or Group, or other social media outlets for information on relief, news or even artists, please use the form here. As we gather information on what our international family can do to help, we’ll keep this page updated.

Thank you,

+JrockRevolution.com Staff

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They are an established charity relief organization, and we hope that our donations will help them to help others.
We will also be collecting donations from the public this night if you would like to help out.
Tickets are still available online, or at the door.”
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