OCEAN CITY, NJ – August 3, 2009: Kiwamu, the foremost figure in the Japanese goth scene and guitarist of GPKISM, will now be hosting his own talk and music show on the Tainted Reality Internet Radio Network. The show titled "Darkest Labyrinth Radio", will play Japanese gothic and industrial music, as well as artists from Darkest Labyrinth Records. Kiwamu will also talk about the artists, about Darkest Labyrinth Record related activities, and giving people insight into the Japanese gothic scene in English. Future broadcasts of the show will have special guests as well.

The first airing of the show will be Saturday, August 15th, at 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific at www.taintedreality.net.

About Kiwamu: Kiwamu is the owner of Darkest Labyrinth Records, and guitarist of GPKISM. He rose to prominence as the guitarist and band leader of BLOOD, one of the trailblazers for the international Visual Kei movement. He opened up his own record label, Darkest Labyrinth Records, with a focus on gothic and industrial acts. Artists signed to his label include Suicide Ali, Seileen, Takuya Angel, and many others. As of 2009, Kiwamu has had successful tours on 5 continents, and has sold tens of thousands of albums world wide.

Kiwamu Links:
Official Website: http://darkestlabyrinth.jp
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/curedistibution
GPKISM Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/gpkism

About Tainted Reality: Tainted Reality hosts their own internet radio network dedicated to Japanese musical programming and produces radio shows such as Tainted Reality & The Tainted Reality Talkshow. Tainted Reality often conducts interviews with some of the biggest musical artists of Japan like Yoshiki of X Japan, Die of Dir en grey, Miyavi and MUCC. They also manage and organize tours for prominent J-Rock bands such as BLOOD, Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet-, The Candy Spooky Theater as well as producing media such as the Darkest Labyrinth Vol.1 DVD and the Darkest Labyrinth CD.

Tainted Reality Links:
Official Website – www.taintedreality.net
Myspace – www.myspace.com/taintedrealityradio
Twitter – www.twitter.com/taintedreality