Live report: The GazettE in Dallas, TX

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I’m going to start the review off at the beginning. The venue.

The Bomb Factory is a Landmark venue and I believe was a perfect choice for the GazettE’s first show in the United States. It was downtown without being overwhelmed, there was plenty of paid parking available nearby, as well as restaurants and small shops for those waiting in line to use for food and whatnot. It did, however, feel to me that the venue was not ready for the sheer numbers of people who would line up early.



I myself arrived with several friends at about 12:30-1 PM. We were far from the first in line. At this point, the Bomb Factory began to realize that there would be a huge line. Shortly after our arrival (and the photo I took of the line on’s Twitter) they choose to split the line into two; VIP tickets and General Admission. I am not sure how this process will work at other venues but here it worked smoothly. At about 4:30 they started checking tickets and IDs and handing out wristbands. I had an orange one for VIP tickets and a neon one for over 21. By 6pm, they were letting VIP ticket holders in. This is where my one complaint comes in. During the day, particularly when they were handing out wristbands, they could have informed us that those with small backpacks would not be allowed to bring them in. That was never made clear. (It was posted on the Bomb Factory’s Facebook Page but I feel that few actually saw it.) This resulted in many people having to run their bags to the car then come back in.

The VIP section was right in front of the stage and blocked off from GA. Both good and bad. Good because those that spent 200+ dollars on tickets did not have to fight for a close spot. And I feel it reduced the tension that we often see where everyone wants to be up front and is shoving and elbowing. However the GA space was a bit back, and made the concert look less attended. Now we get to the actual concert.

The concert was wholly amazing, and not just because the band was finally here in front of us. Though the band was beyond amazing. The energy was intense and contagious. Ruki shone like a damn lighthouse, electrifying and charismatic. Uruha was classic, talented and beautiful. Kai was vibrant and gave his all, a scene that is all too familiar. Reita was living in the attention, he was encouraging it and reveled when he got it. And Aoi knows how to work a crowd like a pro. The songs were classic Gazzetto, powerful and hard. And for a live concert, unimaginable for the sheer audio perfection. Their energy and enthusiasm was amplified by that of the fans.

Which brings me to the last part of the review. The fans. I love you all and honestly you make me so proud to be a Sixth Gun. Everyone was respectful, kind, and behaved. After the horror stories some of us have heard of past concerts, I entered a bit concerned. However, despite being cautious, especially when I had only one person in front of me, the other fans and myself showed a huge amount of kindness. Holding places so people could use the restroom, not taking photos of the band, and even helping a fan recover from an asthma attack, it was incredible. Thank you Gazetto. And thank you to my fellow Sixth Guns.

Article by: Beth

Edited by: Ali

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