Not many Japanese rock bands have done what GLAY have accomplished. They have sold 37 million records in Japan alone over their 15 years (and on going) career, completed 3 GLAY Expo concerts which have pulled over 500,000, and have certainly earned their status as an icon in Japanese rock & pop culture. Now they have returned to the U.S. for the second time to take over the House of Blues on Sunset Strip for two nights in a row.


The steep sidewalk leading down to the House of Blues door was full of anxious GLAY fans from all over the globe to catch their show. Yes, you read that right, all over the world. Fans who flew out from Japan, Taiwan, Europe, Alaska and other parts of the U.S. all congregated at the venue to sing along with Teru, rock out with Takuro, cheer to Hisashi’s solos and groove to Jiro’s beats. Girls dressed in the traditional Japanese summer yukatas could be seen in the crowd with occasional cos-players, but the crowd was generally casual. GLAY have proven their status surpassing their genre, and their wide appeal could be seen in the crowd.

As the lights dropped and the band members entered the stage one by one, fans greeted them back with an eruption of screams and cheers. Without further adieu, the band picked up their instruments and began their first song of the night, which is also the name of their 15th anniversary tour, “Great Vacation”. Fans put their arms up in “fan girl” motion and sang along as the band ripped into the second song of the night, a hard rocking classic number, “Yuuwaku”.

Teru began his MC in English, thanking the audience for attending their show. He shouted “Can you sing with me!” and proceeded to entertain the enthusiastic crowd with songs such as “Ikiteku Tsuyosa,” “Survival,” “Starless Night,” “However,” “Be With You,” and “Shutter Speeds no Theme,” where Jiro stepped up to the mic to sing the first verse. (Yes, this caused a bigger eruption of screams.) There were many heartfelt moments during the show like when Teru was reciting all of the GLAY albums in order, but the audience members had to give him a little bit of assistance.

I had a chance to speak to an attendee who had flown out from Japan to catch them. He told me he was on a business trip in Los Angeles so he was very lucky that he was already in the area, but he never misses a GLAY show. He was not alone in this, as a large portion of the crowd had flown out from either overseas or other parts of the U.S. to be a part of show.
GLAY Live Report
The band embraced every moment they had on the House of Blues stage, thanking the crowd and claiming that they are one of the most fortunate people in the world to be here. Although they are rock superstars, they have not forgotten about their fans that got them to their status and were very appreciative of everything that happened at the show. As they finished playing “Acid Head,” the band walked off stage, and the crowd begged for more. Encore chants rang through the House of Blues and GLAY did not disappoint. They came out to perform 2 more tunes, and finished with the ultimate sing-a-long, “I’m in Love.” Teru threw on his acoustic guitar and began strumming the chords. Towards the end of the song, the band had the audience do an a capella of the chorus several times shouting “Louder! Louder!” after each one. Neither the crowd nor the band looked like they wanted to go home, but the night eventually had to come to an end. The band bowed on stage and left one by one, promising that they would return. As long as there are passionate GLAY fans all over the world, GLAY will be there for you!

Set List
1. Great Vacation
2. Yuuwaku
3. Ikiteku Tsuyosa
4. Survival
5. Senno Knife ga Mune o Sasu
6. Cynical
7. Starless Night
8. Run
9. However
10. Be With You
11. Verb
12. Synchronicity
13. I am XXX
14. High Communications
15. More Than Love
16. Kanojyo no “Mordern”
17. Shutter Speed no Theme
18. Acid Head
19. Peak Hateshinaku Soul Kagirinaku
20. I’m in Love

Live Report by: Akiko M.
Edited by: Ali W.
Photo Credit: Shunji Kobayashi