Determined to behold X JAPAN‘s reunion before your very eyes?

What if you want

– a guaranteed ticket to the 28th
– a pass to an exclusive reception for X JAPAN‘s fans from Jrock Revolution
– to spend your stay in Japan together with many fellow fans from around the world
– access to tailor-made Jrock activities in Tokyo

and more?

We’ve teamed up with Japan travel agency H.I.S. International Tours, Inc. to bring you an opportunity to transform the rest of your trip to Tokyo into an eXperience.

JRR and H.I.S. will be offering both a package that puts all your travel together in one, and a package that covers your ground stay and special JRR exclusives, with separate flights available for those flying out of the U.S. Availability is limited for these travel options.

Keep checking the site for everything you’ll need to know!